Why don’t people receive a psychosocial assessment in emergency departments after self-harm?

The Social Care Elf

Amelia Talbot looks at a recent qualitative study of patient and carer perspectives, which explores the reasons why some patients do not receive a psychosocial assessment in emergency departments following self-harm.

Harm minimisation for self-harm: mixed-method analysis of electronic health care records finds it can be helpful

The Social Care Elf

Holly Crudgington reviews a mixed-methods analysis of electronic health records in secondary mental healthcare on harm minimisation for the management of self-harm.


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Children stressed and self-harming over UK cost of living crisis

The Guardian

Mental health problems are linked to financial squeeze on families, according to new Childhood Trust report The impact of the cost of living crisis on children has led some to start self-harming, a new report by a leading children’s charity has claimed.

What is non-suicidal self-harm?

Beautiful Voyager

Non-suicidal self-harm means inflicting damage to your own body without the intention of suicide (and not consistent with cultural norms). Burning or self-battery are more common in men than women. Non-suicidal self-harm is common in adolescents and young adults.

A fifth of children in care self-harmed during pandemic, research finds

The Guardian

About one quarter said that they no longer had access to any mental health support One in five children in care in England were self-harming and likely to have mental ill health during the Covid-19 pandemic, research published on Wednesday reveals.

The next MQ Data Science meeting, in collaboration with DATAMIND

MQ Mental Health

The session will focus on the links between suicide and self-harm as well as the impact of COVID. If you have been impacted by suicide or self-harm, or if you feel suicidal yourself please visit out Get Help page for resources. MQ Data Science meeting: Suicidality.

Skin-Picking And Hair-Pulling: Some Lesser-Known Symptoms Of Anxiety

Blurt It Out

Skin-picking, hair-pulling and other body-focused, repetitive behaviours can all be anxiety-related. They’re far more common than many of us realise, but we often feel shame associated with these behaviours, so we don’t talk about them.

Announcing MQ’s 2022 Fellows Award – call for applications

MQ Mental Health

Latest news and opinion Fellowship Gone too soon fellows mental health Mental Health Research MQ Fellows MQ Fellows award research self-harm SuicideMQ has opened applications for our next Fellows Award.

Is Back to School Back to Normal?

Shelter, Inc

Increasing rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm, aggression, eating disorders, and other behavioral issues in youth prompted a National State of Emergency in Children’s Mental Health by professional organizations in 2020.

When Your Young Adult Child is Totally Out of Control

Gary Direnfeld

The more you seek to set expectations, the more challenging the behavior, up to threats of violence, destruction of property, self harm, suicidal gestures. One of the most challenging situations is having an older teen or young adult whose behavior is quite out of control.

At Home. Unproductive. Stuck in Room. Twenties.

Gary Direnfeld

That may mean threats of violence, destruction of property, self-harm, suicidal behavior. That child, now well into their twenties remains living at home. There has been a history of failed attempts with school and work.

MQ Mental Health Data Science Meeting: Inequality, diversity and representativeness

MQ Mental Health

The first talk will be held by Dermot on suicide rates in Northern Ireland, followed by Emma Ross (Queen’s University Belfast) who will discuss suicides following self-harm in young people. #MQDataScience meetings provide a forum for the mental health data science community to share findings and best practice, and highlight the best work in the field. On 22nd September from 12 noon UK time, MQ will host its online Mental Health Data Science meeting.

Suicide prevention specialist Dr Christine Moutier on data, science and trends during COVID-19

MQ Mental Health

Content warning: this post contains references to suicide and self-harm. The day-long gathering brought together international experts exploring the ways data can support and enhance suicide and self-harm prevention efforts.

Conor Sharkey on Rugby, Life, and OCD

Beautiful Voyager

This self hatred developed into a type of self-harm I didn’t at the time consider self-harm. I never wanted to indulge in what I thought was tantamount to self pity. When really it was self preservation.

OCD 83

MQ supporters share their mental health story

MQ Mental Health

[Content warning: This blog references violence, suicide and self-harm]. It wasn't until I had left for University and could really look at myself; the scars of self-harm and the misplaced shame of two suicide attempts that I spoke to a professional and began to learn. "I

5 Reasons Children Bully and How Parents Can Help


We see the impact of that as bullies and those they bully are twice as likely to self-harm and experience suicidal behavior. A bully is someone that deliberately acts out verbally or physically in an aggressive manner towards others with the intent to cause harm, fear, or distress.

Cost of living crisis ‘severely’ hitting people accessing children’s and adults’ services, social workers warn

Community Care

“This is very evident in school, in loss of concentration on learning, self-harming, thoughts of suicide and early signs of eating disorders.”

Am I Depressed? Depression Symptoms, Causes, Therapy

Stop Abuse Campaign

If you experience any of the following symptoms for an extended period (two weeks or more), or if you have any thoughts of suicide or self-harm, you should seek medical attention immediately. ← When to talk to children about sexual abuse. May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

How to Support LGBTQIA+ Youth: Gender-Affirming Care and Resources


One report revealed that this support and acceptance is associated with greater self-esteem, social support, general health status, less depression, less substance abuse and less suicidal ideation and behaviors among LGBTQIA+ youth. Self-harming or harming others.

My Horrors during Recent Hospital Visit: I need your help in writing the letter to the Hospital

Bipolar Bandit

If you think that room was fool proof for suicide and self-harm precautions, you would be so incorrect. There were cords attached to tv and machine to filter air, a glass mirror that could be used to break and cut, pins that could be used to self harm, etc.

How Life Stages May Affect Your Mental Health

Psychological Health Care

Parenting styles, positive and loving communication, healthy attachments, and acceptance can all act as important buffers against stress, enabling babies to self soothe.

How social workers can burn through burnout

Save the Social Worker

It’s hard to dissociate yourself from work, especially when a client has shared with you thoughts of self-harm and suicide. If you are battling an organisational culture that is toxic, harmful, and not keen to change…. It’s harmful to your long term performance.

Suicide Prevention: A Conversation Could Change a Life

Psychological Health Care

Several factors underpin those concerns, including a deterioration in population mental health, a higher prevalence of reported thoughts and behaviours of self-harm among people with Covid-19 and problems or delays in accessing mental health services.

Am I Going Through a Nervous Breakdown?

Beautiful Voyager

Frequent thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Other contributing factors include poor coping skills, poor interpersonal relationships, lack of social support, lack of self-care, and unhealthy coping strategies, e.g., alcohol drinking or drug abuse. Photo credit.

What I like About Myself

Abuse Survivor

The self directed hate is difficult to live with but when I got down to the reasons why I was so unempathetic with myself it broke my heart all over again. I was trying to protect myself but it had manifested into self harm. In self defense I policed myself and didn’t allow for a lot of normal human feeling and behavior because of “they” and “they” are all of you out there. For most of my life I have hated myself.

Suicide Prevention: How to Help When Social Determinants Spiral


September is National Suicide Prevention Month, when mental health advocates, prevention organizations, survivors, allies, and community members unite to promote suicide prevention awareness. Relias is one such ally.

Patient Experience in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Other significant mental health problems include insomnia, burnout, fear of infection, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suicidal ideation/self-harm.

Providers failing to register placements to deprive children of liberty

Community Care

Providers are failing to register unregistered placements for which they have been authorised to deprive children of liberty, despite being required to do so urgently.

R U OK? Focus on Suicide Prevention

Psychological Health Care

Self-harm. The 10 th September 2020 is R U OK? Day — Australia’s national day to connect with others and make a positive difference in someone’s life. It’s also National Suicide Prevention Day.

Scholarship Recipients 2022

University of Connecticut

This scholarship was established in memory of Donna Millette-Fridge by the School of Social Work in recognition of her commitment to helping the mentally ill become self-sufficient.

News Items – April 1, 2022

Social Workers Speak

With some of the clients I see the eating disordered behaviors, the self harming, the obsessive compulsive type of behaviors. “We also need to focus on basic self-care, which often gets forgotten when we begin to feel overwhelmed,” Shoman pointed out. Danyale Sturdivant is a member: Social worker creates nonprofit that advocates for autistic people of color. Spectrum.

News Items – July 22, 2021

Social Workers Speak

This can result in emotional or behavioral issues including: substance use, self harm, chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, etc. Lucy Lawrence is a member: Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of WNC worries for family, Cuban people amid unrest. Lucy Lawrence, a professor of social work at Warren Wilson College , said the pandemic is exacerbating issues that have persisted in Cuba for decades.

Can prisoners with mental health problems benefit from psychological therapy? Yes, but health and justice need to be closer friends.

Society of Clinical Psychology

Moreover, they are far more likely to die by suicide, to harm themselves and others in prison and to commit another crime on release. Prisons are hostile and often unsafe places, with high levels of violence and self-harm. This SCP blog by Karen Slade, Psy.D.

CBT 56

News Items – September 30, 2021

Social Workers Speak

A new report from court-appointed watchdogs details how children in foster care are subjected to unlicensed and dangerous placements, exposed to sexual abuse or engaged in self harm, and administered incorrect or improper amounts of medication. A trained clinical social worker, she has seen first hand the harm of sexual assault on campus, citing the fact that many female students from UMass come to her office in Amherst for therapy.

Reviewing TIME Mental Health: A New Understanding

A Splintered Mind

It may not be a surprise to learn that researchers have identified how loneliness in young adults can lead to depression, anxiety, and self-harm, but some of the other findings were eye-opening, especially the physiological aspects. I picked up TIME Mental Health: A New Understanding a year ago in the grocery store and slowly worked my way through it. I assumed I would race through the magazine and produce a shining review for my readers to enjoy.

Identifying Mechanisms of Change in Clinical Supervision

Society of Clinical Psychology

T was fostering a sense of connection with others while simultaneously building self-confidence. Protecting adolescents from self-harm: a critical review of intervention studies. Cognition and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors: a systematic review of longitudinal studies.

A New Kind of Safety Plan

Social Work Tech

When a client has self-harming or suicidal behavior (thoughts, plan, gesture, or attempt), no matter how meticulously I dot my i’s and cross my t’s to keep them safe, I worry. As a clinical social worker, I often worry about my clients.