Decolonizing Mental Health & Supporting Indigenous Women - Tyra Wanatee-Flores, BSW

Doin' The Work

Louis, a photographer and activist of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples Movement, an advocate for Indigenous women who have experienced violence, and a speaker about mental health in Indigenous Country. Tyra also talks about her work with Meskwaki RISE, a program supporting and empowering Indigenous survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. Episode 48 Guest: Tyra Wanatee-Flores, BSW Host: Shimon Cohen, LCSW.

Children and Domestic Violence. They Know.

Gary Direnfeld

This post addresses domestic violence. ?————— abuse child behavior domestic violence marital counseling/therapy relationshipsTrigger warning.


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Let’s End the Shame That Silences Victims of Domestic Violence


October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but let’s make it our mission year-round to end the one important thing that, paradoxically, is both a dire consequence of domestic violence and a factor contributing to its perpetuation: shame. Suzy Kanoo.

ASWB: Domestic Violence Updates

Therapist Development Center

If you’ve taken any of the ASWB social work exams, you’ve probably seen a number of questions on domestic violence. Because of this, we’ve made some awesome domestic violence updates in our programs.

Domestic violence awareness matters

National Casa Gal

So, when we hear or read stories about domestic violence during the month of October or throughout the year, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it with others. The post Domestic violence awareness matters appeared first on National CASA/GAL Association for Children.

Domestic Violence Response Teams: Implementation of a Police-Advocate Partnership


In this episode, our guest Dr. Laura Johnson describes the domestic violence response team program, which is a collaborative partnership between domestic violence organizations and law enforcement. ? ? Dr. Laura Johnson ? ?.

The Hit that Reverberated to Adulthood

Gary Direnfeld

This post describes domestic violence. With that she dismissed the impact of domestic violence and downplayed the fact that with that hit, she and her mom learned never to cross him again. A fear that included things escalating to physical violence. Trigger warning.

Growing Up With a Difficult Parent

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence high conflict people relationshipsIt can be so confusing when statistically, almost everyone has parents who love them and puts them first and you have a parent whose needs supercede your own.

Hey, Tough Guy.

Gary Direnfeld

abuse child behavior domestic violence high conflict people managing life relationships school related issuesToxic masculinity doesn’t begin in adulthood. It begins in infancy with the expectation that boys must tough it out, suck it up, not cry and never need soothing.

Narcissist? No, Others Don’t Get It.

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence high conflict people parental separation relationshipsSeparating from a narcissist is like no other. The gaslighting yet charm; the outright lies, yet straight face; the abuses perpetrated yet attributed to you; the misdeeds yet denials. Trying to explain to someone with no experience of this is like spitting in the wind. It comes back on you.

Leaving Home Before Your Time

Gary Direnfeld

abuse domestic violence high conflict people relationshipsSome young people don’t leave home. They flee. They flee those conditions that being harm to self and others within the home. Some flea at a young age, teenagers, not yet fully formed, not yet adults. Not yet with all supports in place. They are at tremendous risk even when once fled. Mere survival, let alone exploitation challenge them. They seek to find their way.

Safe Word for Family Gatherings

Gary Direnfeld

abuse domestic violence high conflict people parental conflict relationshipsFor some family gatherings you just have to have a safe word. It could be a nod, a look, a gesture, a comment whispered in your ear. Once seen or heard, it’s time to leave.

It’s OK to Jump the Train and Leave

Gary Direnfeld

abuse domestic violence high conflict people managing life marital counseling/therapy relationshipsRelationships have a momentum. For far too many, the quality of the relationship has little bearing on the momentum. With that, the relationship follows steps.

You May Be Choking on Past Trauma and Don’t Even Know It

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence managing life relationshipsI meet with folks who don’t realize the severity of the abuse and trauma to which they were exposed growing up. They may have tremendous issues with mental health, drug or alcohol abuse and/or serious physical ailments, but nowhere has anyone ever helped them make a connection to those early life experiences. I am the first to point out those experiences for what they were. It often comes as a surprise.

It May Be Trauma If You Experienced….

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence high conflict people managing life relationshipsTrigger Warning: This post discusses trauma.

The Fear Wasn’t of School

Gary Direnfeld

Trigger warning: This post addresses domestic violence and child awareness. abuse child behavior counseling domestic violence school related issues——— The issue was the child’s fear of going to school. We talked about the parental relationship. She was convinced that her child new nothing of the abuse between her and her partner. She said it always took place after the child was in bed.

Giving In to a Narcissist Doesn’t Buy Peace

Gary Direnfeld

abuse collaborative law court domestic violence high conflict people managing life mediation parental conflict relationshipsMany hope that by giving in to a narcissistic ex, they can buy peace. What many of these folks come to realize is that their ex is never gratified.

If You Saw Your Parent Being Hit…

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence relationshipsShe wasn’t hit. Her dad did hit her mom though. As mean as he was to her mom, she was treated like gold. She was the favorite. She had learned early on by what she witnessed, never to cross her dad. In fact, she did whatever she could to please and appease him. It was no wonder she was his favorite. Come adulthood she met and married a man much like her father. However, while demanding and controlling, he never hit.

When Your Ex is Abusive and Intimidating, Know This:

Gary Direnfeld

abuse alternate dispute resolution collaborative law counseling court domestic violence high conflict people managing life mediation parental conflict parental separation relationships

When the Request is Fix My Partner

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence high conflict people managing life marital counseling/therapy relationshipsI receive so many emails that read similarly. They provide a lengthy litany of examples of the untoward behavior of their partner. They are seeking counseling as a last ditch effort hoping their partner will see the light and change. They want to know if I can be helpful.

Sometimes there isn’t a choice. We must call.

Gary Direnfeld

No violence… of any kind. abuse domestic violence relationshipsTrigger Warning. This post discusses violent child abuse. ——– The lad was about 12. Mom and step-dad in my waiting room. The lad described the beating and kicks by step-dad as mother watched. This, according to the lad was recently. I called CAS, keeping the lad in my office. I went to the waiting room to describe the situation to the parents. Dad stood up to me wanting to see the lad.

Kayden’s Law Provision of VAWA Fuels Family Court Reform

Stop Abuse Campaign

Thanks to the support of countless advocates over many months, the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was re-authorized Friday, March 11th. Ensuring past instances of domestic violence or child abuse are considered in custody decisions.

Yes, Men Get Abused. Shame Keeps It Hidden.

Gary Direnfeld

It’s men affected by violence and coercive controlling behavior perpetrated by their female partners. Yes, statistically, the majority of those abused through intimate partner violence is disproportionately women, by a wide margin. abuse domestic violence high conflict people parental separation relationshipsIt isn’t often discussed, yet happens. It is kept in the shadows, kept there in shame, disbelief and toxic masculinity.

The Impact of Childhood Abuse on Adult Health…

Gary Direnfeld

abuse counseling domestic violence managing life parental conflict parental separation relationships school related issuesAlthough she came for another matter, as we talked, I learned about her health issues. She for a long time had stomach and digestive issues. So far, her doctor didn’t have a diagnosis. Given our fulsome discussion, I suggested she ask her doctor to be checked out for Crohn’s disease. She did and for better or worse, I was right.

Federal Grants Available to Promote Elder Justice

Social Work Blog

Funding source: Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), U.S. Purpose: support a comprehensive approach to addressing abuse in later life, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, neglect, and exploitation toward people who are at least 50 years old.

Those Crazy-Making Conflicting Messages

Gary Direnfeld

abuse child behavior domestic violence high conflict people relationshipsImagine the child being told, “He knows I love him,” by an angry parent. The child receives a contradictory message because the delivery doesn’t match the intention. Making matters worse, if the child rejects the statement, the child may be scorned, not loved. Yet, if by chance the child comes close and is met with coldness versus an embrace, again the words carry no weight.

Really? You think You Attract “Those” Kind of People?

Gary Direnfeld

abuse domestic violence high conflict people managing life relationshipsI was chatting with someone who wondered if they attract difficult people or those who would exploit. I explained that I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking although I have heard it from other counselors. My view is that difficult people and those who would exploit others are always around. They are in our families, workplace and communities. That is a fact of life.

Family Dinners? They’re not all the same….

Gary Direnfeld

abuse domestic violence managing life relationshipsAs one experiences, one then believes that is the way for all. If raised in a home where yelling, screaming, belittling, perhaps worse such as pushing, shoving and hitting were frequent, it can create the impression that this happens in all homes.

Equal Parenting Custody Battles: What Can We Learn from the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Case?

Stop Abuse Campaign

Although Jolie cited irreconcilable differences, there were also reports of domestic violence and child abuse regarding an incident with Pitt and their son, Maddox, who was 15 at the time of the incident. . Screen for domestic violence.

Plan to change social housing rules will aid domestic abuse victims

The Guardian

Proposal to scrap local connection test would make it easier for victims to move away from their abuser Domestic abuse survivors will find it easier to move away from perpetrators under proposals unveiled by ministers. In the US, the domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Survivor Story: Hammered Down

Stop Abuse Campaign

According to the landmark CDC/Kaiser Permanente study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) , witnessing violence in the home can cause lifelong trauma for children. ← ACE 101: Parental Mental Illness.

Don’t be fooled by deceitful parents, top child expert warns social workers

The Guardian

Child protection Children Social care Crime Children's rights Domestic violence UK news

De-normalizing child abuse?

Stop Abuse Campaign

ACE Prevention Feature Sex Abuse Trauma: Consequences Trauma: Healing child abuse Domestic violence Parenting Sexual Abuse Sexual violence Trauma← ACE 101: Childhood Emotional Abuse. Child abuse is not normal.

Domestic abuse: average of 669 child protection referrals a day last year

The Guardian

Child protection UK news Children Social care Society Domestic violence

Charity says 16,000 UK children could be exposed to domestic abuse at Christmas

The Guardian

The tragic cases of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson, two young children murdered in their homes, have recently cast a spotlight on the risks of domestic abuse to children. Domestic violence Children Child protection UK news Society Social care

De-normalizing child abuse?

Stop Abuse Campaign

ACE Prevention Feature Sex Abuse Trauma: Consequences Trauma: Healing child abuse Domestic violence Parenting Sexual Abuse Sexual violence Trauma← ACE 101: Childhood Emotional Abuse. ACE 101: Incarcerated Household Member → Child abuse is not normal.

Developing a framework for a strengthened child protection workforce in India

Social Service Workforce

Issues of violence, abuse and exploitation—including domestic violence, child marriage, child trafficking, sexual and gender-based violence, child labour, corporal punishment, peer to peer violence, online abuse and mental distress—continue to plague millions of

NASW on amicus brief on case involving repatriation of a child, mother who suffered abuse

Social Work Blog

Supreme Court is whether returning a child who has been exposed to extreme domestic violence to their country of residence would result in more harm.

U.S. Gun Violence Increased 30% During COVID-19 Pandemic


Gun violence increased by more than 30% in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study by Penn State College of Medicine researchers. Gun Violence Increased 30% During COVID-19 Pandemic. gun violenceSWHELPER.

Day of Policy Action for the Violence Against Women Act with lead Senators and Actor Angelina Jolie

Social Work Blog

VAWA is a central way the Federal government responds to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Advocacy Featured Articles Government Relations Action Alert senate Social Workers Violence Against Women's Act