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Children and Domestic Violence. They Know.

Gary Direnfeld

This post addresses domestic violence. ?————— Trigger warning. A nine-year-old girl told me how she would sit out of sight at the top of the stairs to listen for parents fighting to know when to gather her two younger siblings to hide safely in a bedroom closet.

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Domestic violence awareness matters

National Casa Gal

So, when we hear or read stories about domestic violence during the month of October or throughout the year, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it with others. The post Domestic violence awareness matters appeared first on National CASA/GAL Association for Children.


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Let’s End the Shame That Silences Victims of Domestic Violence


October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but let’s make it our mission year-round to end the one important thing that, paradoxically, is both a dire consequence of domestic violence and a factor contributing to its perpetuation: shame. Suzy Kanoo.

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ASWB: Domestic Violence Updates

Therapist Development Center

If you’ve taken any of the ASWB social work exams, you’ve probably seen a number of questions on domestic violence. Because of this, we’ve made some awesome domestic violence updates in our programs. The post ASWB: Domestic Violence Updates appeared first on Therapist Development Center Blog.

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Children Who Witness Domestic Violence May Suffer Long-term Difficulties

Shelter, Inc

OCTOBER IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH. Witnessing domestic violence is one such event, an adverse childhood experience (ACE) that can have a lifelong impact. Witnessing domestic violence is one such event, an adverse childhood experience (ACE) that can have a lifelong impact.

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Causes and Types of Domestic Violence – What You Need to Know


Victims ' of domestic violence are frequently traumatized and perplexed, believing there is no way out of their predicament. Understanding and recognizing the various types of domestic violence is essential for leaving an abusive environment. However, many survivors have difficulty recognizing the abuse.

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Domestic Violence Response Teams: Implementation of a Police-Advocate Partnership


In this episode, our guest Dr. Laura Johnson describes the domestic violence response team program, which is a collaborative partnership between domestic violence organizations and law enforcement. ? ? Dr. Laura Johnson ? ?. Interviewer: Nadine “Shaanta” Murshid, PhD. Show Notes. Episode Transcript Download.