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Promoting Psychological Safety Through DEI Principles


Embracing the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices is one way to help create this type of psychological safety in your organization. A culture of psychological safety is not achieved overnight. What is psychological safety? But where should you start?

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Change to Medicare Subsidy Arrangement for Psychological Services

Psychological Health Care

This means the number of Medicare subsidised psychology sessions you can claim has dropped from 20 to 10, per calendar year. To find out if the Medicare subsidy change affects you or for any other questions about your visit to Psychological Health Care, please contact our friendly team. Decision Rationale.


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Positive Psychology Principles in Therapy

American Board of Clinical Social Work

Positive Psychology is the study of conditions and processes that contribute to the optimal functioning of people, groups, and institutions (Gabe & Haidt, 2005). Then you will become a living example of the principles of Positive Psychology in your own career. Review of General Psychology Vol.9 What is Positive Psychology?

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Casino Psychology 101: What Makes Casinos Addictive

Gateway Foundation

They don’t… The post Casino Psychology 101: What Makes Casinos Addictive appeared first on Gateway. These attractive establishments have everything it takes to create a fantasy world, from elaborate light fixtures to endless rows of glowing slot machines.

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Tips and Resources for First-Year Graduate Students in Clinical Psychology

Society of Clinical Psychology

I remember entering my first year as graduate student in clinical psychology full of questions: What materials would I need? Therapy: It is essential to take care of our mental health, but as graduate students in clinical psychology, we can face unique obstacles to accessing therapy. What would the next six years look like ?

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NASW, American Psychological Association filed amicus brief challenging death penalty case of Melissa Lucio

Social Work Blog

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and American Psychological Association (APA) on April 18 filed an amicus brief in support of a challenge to the death penalty case of Melissa Lucio, who is scheduled to be executed in Texas on April 27 as a result of a false confession. Lucio’s interrogation. Background.

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Palliative Care Interventions Effects on Psychological Distress: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis


Study examines the effects of palliative care on depression, anxiety, and general psychological distress for adults living with a serious illness and their caregivers.