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Our Recovery Playlist 

Gateway Foundation

No matter what stage you find yourself at in your recovery, music can be a great way to take your mind off things or inspire you. Whether you’re searching for a list of songs to play when you’re driving, studying, hanging out with loved ones, or just relaxing, our recovery playlist has you covered.

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Anxiety and depression in recovery (Guest Post)

Living Sober

"Many people in early recovery find they lack a “volume knob” for emotions and this can feel out of control. Things often feel like they get worse before they get better."


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Getting Through Recovery with Four Tips

Gary Direnfeld

It was the recovery that would pose a challenge. With regard to my recovery as is often the case, it wasn’t linear. I truly developed and considered my recovery plan. The more support, the easier the recovery. No, recovery wasn’t linear. My hope is that others consider the points to my recovery.

Recovery 100
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Improving routes into sustained recovery for people experiencing street homelessness: introducing The People’s Recovery Project

Health & Social Care Workforce

Co-founders of The People’s Recovery Project, Ed Addison (left) and Nathan Rosier, discuss why they believe the charity is needed. 853 words) This blog is the first in a series of three by The People’s Recovery Project (TPRP), a charity … Continue reading →

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10 Things Everyone in Recovery Has to Remember

Gateway Foundation

Recovery is a lifelong process that offers hope for people overcoming substance use disorder. Individuals can overcome challenges in recovery when they remember important things, like their progress, goals, and healthy habits. These 10 factors are the most important things to remember in recovery: 1. How Far You Have Come.

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How Proper Diet Can Affect Recovery

Sober Courage

Recent studies have concluded that what and how you eat can greatly influence recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

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Staff crisis hampering children’s pandemic recovery, says Ofsted

The Guardian

Publishing her annual report on Tuesday, Ofsted’s chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, said the Covid pandemic continued to “cast a long shadow” over children’s education and social care, and despite teachers’ best efforts, recovery was “far from complete”. Continue reading.