The Messages that Sabotage Self Care

R.E.A.L. Social Workers

Occasionally, my mother polished her white shoes with me as she wore white shoes to work at the hospital. My nails were beautiful and my mother was furious. I suppose she thought a 6-year-old should not have painted fingernails. My aunt painted them.

The Power of a Changed Perspective

R.E.A.L. Social Workers

The same compassion that caused me to cry for help for those baby birds, is the same compassion that caused me to advocate for a client who was strung out and needing hospitalization. Now she was physically sick and needed to go to a hospital. I Used to Doubt Myself.


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Taking Action on Social Determinants of Health - Armen Henderson, MD

Doin' The Work

He talks about his community-based work in bringing medicine from out of the confines of the hospital setting directly to poor and working-class communities with a variety of programs ranging from wellness checks and case management to Stop the Bleed gunshot wound trainings.


Police opens investigation into abuse at mental health hospital revealed by BBC

Community Care

Police have opened an investigation into abuse of patients at a mental health hospital uncovered by the BBC. Olivia, a patient who agreed to be featured on the programme, saying that her treatment at the hospital had made her serious mental health condition worse.

My Horrors during Recent Hospital Visit: I need your help in writing the letter to the Hospital

Bipolar Bandit

Every time, I sit down to write the letter to the hospital, I either get too angry and upset or have bad flashbacks and it prevents me from writing it. I actually had bad experiences at that hospital before and swore I would never go again. The Truth About Many Psychiatric Hospitals.

‘Perilous’ shortage of homecare workers leaves patients trapped in hospitals

The Guardian

Exclusive: almost one in four people unable to be discharged were waiting for home care, data reveals A “perilous” shortage of homecare workers is the biggest reason thousands of people are languishing longer in hospital than needed, driving up waiting lists and making people sicker, figures reveal.

Coffey unveils £500m adult social care grant to free up hospital beds

Community Care

The government has unveiled a £500m adult social care grant to free up hospital beds and bolster the care workforce this winter. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said there were currently 13,000 people in hospital who should be receiving care in the community.

Medically fit patients waiting months to be discharged from England’s hospitals

The Guardian

NHS Hospitals Health Older people UK news Social care Society England

Number of healthy patients ‘stranded’ in English hospital wards rises by 80%

The Guardian

Many fit people are not being discharged because of a lack of adult home care or community health provision The number of patients stuck in hospital in England despite being medically fit to leave nearly doubled between February and November this year.

Thérèse Coffey considers paying care homes in England to free hospital beds

The Guardian

The new health secretary is examining proposals to pay care homes in England to look after patients who are medically fit to leave hospital but cannot be discharged because of a lack of social care.

What to Expect When a Child Discharges From a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital


When a child is discharged from a children’s psychiatric hospital, they will likely experience a range of emotions and expectations for life after their hospital stay. The Goal of a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. Q: What are the next steps after leaving the hospital?

Hidden from the world: Out of area hospital placements for people diagnosed with personality disorder #NoOOA

The Social Care Elf

The post Hidden from the world: Out of area hospital placements for people diagnosed with personality disorder #NoOOA appeared first on National Elf Service.

Another inquest for a death in a private mental hospital – why do we even have private hospitals?

The Masked AMHP

On 11th June 2019 Brooke Martin, who was 19, was found suspended from a ligature point in her bedroom at Chadwick Lodge Hospital run by Elysium Healthcare. Brooke Martin Cygnet Hospital Elysium Healthcare Priory Healthcare private hospitals St John’s HouseShe had diagnoses of Autism and Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and had been detained under s.3 of the Mental Health Act. The inquest ended on 1st July 2021.

CAPC Releases Its 'Growth of Palliative Care in U.S. Hospitals: 2022 Snapshot'


hospitals since 2000. Snapshot of the exponential growth of palliative care in U.S. News Bites What's New at CAPC

CAPC Updates Hospital Palliative Care Impact Calculator


With this tool, programs can calculate savings attributable to the palliative care team. What's New at CAPC News Bites

A kiss is just a kiss: On the perils associated with transporting patients to hospital

The Masked AMHP

There’s a whole chapter in the Code of Practice on the transport of patients to hospital. Transporting to hospital YouTube channelTwo of the particularly cogent paragraphs are as follows: 17.3

Palliative Care, Patient-Reported Measures, and Outcomes in Hospitalized Patients with Cirrhosis


Study shows how palliative care may help people living with advanced liver disease. News Bites

Safeguarding teams took no action on ‘serious’ concerns regarding people segregated in hospitals

Community Care

Safeguarding teams took no action in response “serious” concerns about the care of disabled people segregated in mental health hospitals, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has said. In hospital for between 10 and 30 years.

Family of autistic man plan legal challenge over care conditions

The Guardian

Nicola, whose 24-year-old son has been detained under the Mental Health Act since September 2017 at Cheadle Royal hospital in Cheshire, said his care is “worse than being in prison” and “people wouldn’t treat an animal” as badly.

NHS is at breaking point and putting patients at high risk, bosses warn

The Guardian

NHS Health policy Public services policy Social care Hospitals GPs Health Doctors Nursing Society Politics UK news

‘A horrible winter lies ahead’: next PM will inherit an NHS on its knees

The Guardian

NHS Health Mental health Social care A&E Hospitals Nursing GPs Trade unions Doctors Society UK news Politics Health policy Public services policy Wales Northern Ireland

Guest Post: Interview with Author of Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry

Bipolar Bandit

I can authorize involuntary transfers of patients to hospitals. When patients with serious mental illness are not in jail or hospitalized, crisis can occur anywhere. I evaluate patients at hospital emergency rooms and inpatient medical units. .

Give social care workers £1,000 bonus to protect NHS, ministers urged

The Guardian

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and NHS Providers, which represents hospitals, say emergency payments would help tackle worsening staff shortages. Social care Hospitals Society NHS UK news Health

A Helpful Guide to KVC’s Mental Health and Child Welfare Services in Kansas and Missouri


KVC Health Systems’ local subsidiaries are: KVC Hospitals. KVC Hospitals – Children’s Psychiatric Treatment. KVC Hospitals is accredited by The Joint Commission and considered the gold standard in healthcare. Plus, follow KVC Hospitals on Facebook here.

Hotels being used as care facilities to relieve pressure on NHS

The Guardian

Patients discharged from hospital are being looked after by live-in carers in three hotels in south of England Hotels are being turned into temporary care facilities staffed with workers flown in from Spain and Greece to relieve rising pressure on NHS hospital beds. Three hotels in the south of England are being used, including one in Plymouth into which 30 hospital patients have been discharged to be looked after by live-in carers.

Government reinstates cap on care costs change that cuts benefit to less well-off

Community Care

Chief executive Helen Walker said: “Unpaid carers shared their experiences with us and our evidence has shown how devastating hospital discharge can be for carers if they are not consulted, involved or given the right information and support to care safely and well.

What is in Thérèse Coffey’s new NHS plan?

The Guardian

The package of measures is aimed at addressing the deepening crisis in the NHS in England, especially the long delays patients can face when seeking ambulance, GP or accident and emergency care, a hospital bed or surgery.

New KVC Thriving Magazine: Find Out Why KVC Is a Great Place to Work and Read New Success Stories


But when she came to KVC Hospitals, she received comprehensive medical and psychiatric treatment. KVC Hospitals Commemorates 30 Years of Hope, Healing and Life-Changing Treatment. The newest issue of KVC Health Systems’ print magazine, Thriving , is now available online here !

The Guardian view on NHS privatisation: the wrong treatment | Editorial

The Guardian

million people are queueing for hospital treatment in the UK, around 6 million of them in England, where this is the highest number since records began in 2007. NHS Social care Health policy Health Politics Conservatives Labour Coronavirus Private healthcare Doctors Public services policy Healthcare industry Sajid Javid Hospitals UK newsThe NHS is in crisis, and ministers are taking the opportunity to extend private healthcare’s reach NHS waiting lists are out of control. Around 7.5

Nursing leaders point to ‘untenable’ health and care conditions in England

The Guardian

Nursing NHS Health Social care Hospitals Society Health policy England UK news

The Peggy Copeman Inquest and what it says about Mental Health Services

The Masked AMHP

Peggy Copeman died in a private ambulance on the hard shoulder of the M11 on the 16th December 2019, while being transferred between hospitals while detained under the Mental Health Act.

MPs call for urgent action to tackle NHS England waiting list

The Guardian

Health policy NHS Coronavirus Health Politics House of Commons UK news Social care Hospitals

Supporting mental health carers

Martin Webber

Supporting carers of people detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983. Blog Carers Mental health research

This isn’t a plan for social care in England – it’s a recipe for disaster | Polly Toynbee

The Guardian

Social care Care workers NHS Boris Johnson Conservatives Health policy Hospitals Politics Health Society UK newsCare homes will continue to go under as workers leave the sector for better paid jobs After all this time, is that it? The white paper on social care in England, published on Wednesday, doesn’t begin “to fix social care once and for all”, as Boris Johnson promised on Downing Street’s steps.

Book Review—The Emergency: A Year of Healing and Heartbreak in a Chicago ER

The New Social Worker

If you are a field instructor in a hospital setting, here’s my recommendation: assign The Emergency to your student. If you’re a social work student or a new social worker in the hospital environment, seek this book out

Expansion of an Inpatient Specialist Palliative Care Service to 24/7 Onsite Presence


The results of a palliative care team's decision to provide around-the-clock coverage in a metropolitan, dedicated cancer hospital. News Bites

Health secretary sets up £500m fund to discharge medically fit NHS patients

The Guardian

Thérèse Coffey announces measure aimed at freeing up beds in hospitals in England before winter pressures Latest politics news – live Ministers are setting up a £500m emergency fund to get thousands of medically fit patients out of hospital as soon as possible in an attempt to prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed this winter.

Join AHA and CAPC for a Fireside Chat: Nov. 2 at 12:30 ET


The American Hospital Association, the AHA Living Learning Network, and CAPC discuss what hospitals learned during the pandemic about the impact of palliative care. News Bites

Palliative Care Crucial After Severe Stroke, But Many Patients Miss Out


News and World Report stresses how palliative care can help patients and families in the hospital with a serious illness like stroke. News Bites

Book Review: Continue Breathing—A Novel

The New Social Worker

Continue Breathing follows the character through his struggles as he develops symptoms, first seeks help, becomes stabilized, becomes hospitalized, and falters along the way. Jordan has a mental illness.