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What to Do If You Have a Psychiatric Emergency

Nnatasha Tracy

It's important to know what to do in the case of a psychiatric emergency. Thus, knowing what to do when a psychiatric emergency arises is critical. Here are some psychiatric emergency tips and things to think about. Sure, you could float along with treatment righting every issue before things get really bad.

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What to Do If You Have an Ongoing Psychiatric Crisis + Planning Ahead

Nnatasha Tracy

In an ongoing psychiatric crisis, you're in extreme distress, but your life is not on the line. It's not an acute psychiatric emergency. For information on acute psychiatric emergencies, please see here.) You also want to think about planning ahead for psychiatric crises/emergencies.


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Matt Smith Quoted in Psychiatric News on How Virtual Reality Can Help Patients with Serious Mental Illness

Michigan Social Work

Professor Matt Smith spoke with Psychiatric News about how virtual reality can support job seekers with serious mental illness. Earlier this fall, Smith’s findings on Molly was both on the cover story of Psychiatric Service s and selected as an Editor’s Choice.

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What to Expect When a Child Discharges From a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital


When a child is discharged from a children’s psychiatric hospital, they will likely experience a range of emotions and expectations for life after their hospital stay. Choosing to admit a child for inpatient psychiatric care is never easy and it can be an overwhelming decision to make. Transitioning Back to School.

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Breaking Down Mental Health Terms: What Is Self-Stigma?

My Brains Not Broken

According to the American Psychiatric Association, Self-stigma refers to the negative attitudes, including internalized shame, that people with mental illness have about their own condition. American Psychiatric Association. As the name implies, self-stigma is when we’re applying the mental health stigma to our own situations.

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Special Report on DSM-5-TR—What Social Workers Need To Know

The New Social Worker

On March 18, 2022, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) published the text revision of DSM-5, known as DSM-5-TR. This special report highlights some of the key changes in DSM-5-TR that social workers need to know.

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Warning! Beware of Tardive Dyskenisia

Bipolar Bandit

However, I do feel a responsibility to caution you about taking psychiatric medications without doing research about side effects and become familiar with the signs of tardive dyskenisia. As you can see, the list is extensive and does not just include psychiatric medications. It frustrates