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Jon Phillips and Cristina Mogro-Wilson Receive U.S. Administration for Children and Families Grant

University of Connecticut

Administration for Children and Families Grant cooperative agreement sub-award of $300,000. Co-Principal Investigators Jon Phillips and Cristina Mogro-Wilson have been awarded a U.S.

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Trina Shanks Appointed Black Administrators, Researchers, and Scholars Board President

Michigan Social Work

Professor Trina Shanks has been appointed board president of the Black Administrators, Researchers, and Scholars (BARS) group. BARS was founded by the late Larry Davis, MSW '73 and PhD '77, to aid in the development and advancement of Black social work scholars, researchers and administrators within the Social Work academic discipline.


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Statement from the DEA Administrator on Telemedicine Flexibilities for Prescription of Controlled Medications


The Drug Enforcement Administration received a record 38,000 comments on its proposed telemedicine rules.

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Digital Competency Evaluations Can Ease Your Administrative Burden


The post Digital Competency Evaluations Can Ease Your Administrative Burden appeared first on Relias. A system that keeps you prepared, ensures you stay on top of requirements, validates your staff’s competence, saves time, and reduces risk is the way forward when value-based purchasing actively dictates higher levels of accountability.

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Caseload limits proposed to ease burnout and support effective social work

Community Care

The report cautioned that limits should be considered as a step in the right direction rather than a panacea, given the huge variation in case complexity and the additional impact of administrative pressures on practitioners’ wellbeing. How proposed caseload limits were reached.

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Five Steps to Planning your Social Work Program’s Self-Study: CSWE Accreditation

Teaching & Learning in Social Work

Editor’s note: Melissa Freedman, MSW, is a social work educator and consultant specializing in leadership, supervision, administration, and quality management and assurance. Which standards will the program director(s) write, and which standards will be written by administrative leadership? More on this later.

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Federal Initiatives on Environmental Health, Justice, and Climate

Social Work Blog

The Administration identified 21 programs to start as pilot programs of the Justice40 initiative, and since that time, the number of covered federal programs has grown significantly. Harvard Law School maintains the Federal Environmental Justice Tracker to provide up-to-date information about federal government activity in this area.