October, 2022

Releasing Stress from Your Body- Reprogramming the Vagus Nerve

Counselor Toolbox podcast


The Most Tragic Loss of All, That of a Child

Gary Direnfeld

I want to speak to those who have lost a child. That child could be of any age. The child could be pre-born. The loss could even be of fertility. These are losses without resolution. A grief without end. Despite the when, why or age, the loss is not just of the child when it happened.


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Ten Tips for Doing a Party Sober

Living Sober

I've been to many parties as a sober person and generally I don't have a problem with them (unless I'm just totally not in the mood or it's really not my scene). I've gotten pretty good at working inside my brain to lift my mood so that I can have a good time - sometimes even a great time!


Let the NYC family police teach you how to dissemble like a pro!

NCCPR Child Welfare Blog

Last month, the New York Law Journal published an excellent article about the Family Justice Law Center.

Almost 250 deprivation of liberty applications for children in first two months of national DoLs court

Community Care

There were almost 250 applications to deprive children of their liberty in England in the first two months of a dedicated court set up to handle these cases.

National Associations International Cooperation

International Federation of Social Workers

International Social Work Research Seminar on September 24, 2022, entitled “Asylum Experiences and Attitudes in Japanese-Hungarian Comparison” The Japanese International Social Work Research Association (ASISW) and the International Working Group […]. Social Protection Social Work

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Some Things Just Suck To Do….

Gary Direnfeld

It’s interesting. The fact that I don’t actually enjoy my cardiac rehab excercise seems to upset some people, including my coach at the program. Several are looking for solutions assuming this is a problem. It’s not a problem for me. It doesn’t get in the way of what I have to do. It does make me wonder though about people’s belief systems. It seems some may think those things we must do, must also be enjoyable or at least neutral. To me that is unrealistic.

Reducing Stigma

Prosper Health Collective

Stigma is when someone is discredited, reduced as a person and made to feel no more than a label as a result of particular circumstance, behaviour, personality or due to one of their traits. For a long time now, mental illness has incurred a great stigma.

Understanding The Meaning of Human Services


What exactly does "human services" mean? The solution appears to be simple. Despite the existence of professions such as counseling and social work since the nineteenth century, the field of human services as a whole did not become recognized as a topic of study until the 1960s.

Free Mental Health Webinars, October 2022

Social Work.Career

This post is part of the monthly series, Free Webinars for Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals, featuring over 50 free webcasts that we could find for you this month in the field of social work and mental health.

1-10 October is Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week – Social work plays a vital part in advocating for older people’s rights and opportunities to thrive in later life

International Federation of Social Workers

1-10 October is Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week IFSW Europe is pleased to support this initiative to raise awareness of the importance of better mental health for older people. […].

Bandaids & the Default Body

Parenthood Understood

Bandaids, and the systemic racism inherent in a single “skin color” option, is an example most are familiar with, right? But knowing it intellectually is very different from experiencing it firsthand. A couple weeks ago, my whole family got our Covid boosters.

When The Child is Coached to Badmouth Their Parent

Gary Direnfeld

The child entered my office and barely could contain themself. Quickly they told me about their preference of who to live with, given their parents separation. The child went on to explain how the preferred parent was better than the other. Once told, the child settled. I thanked the child and complemented on being able to share their information. Given the abundance of information I asked if either parent helped them remember all the points they shared.

Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day

University of Connecticut

From the Office of Dean Heller Dear Colleagues, The second Monday in October is Indigenous People’s Day. Also known as Columbus Day, this federal holiday was first established in 1937. Last year, President Biden issued a proclamation to formally recognize Indigenous People’s Day.

Why Focusing on the Small Details Makes a BIG Difference In Nonprofit Case Management


Some people say that the devil is in the details, but some say details can be a devil to deal with! According to Heather Lytle, Executive Director of F.A.C.T.

International Syposium on Social Work and War

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

International Symposium on Social Work and War. Social Work and War: Glocal Collaboration in Practice and Education regarding Support to Displaced Persons. Date : November 12 (Sat) 17:00-19:00 (Japan Time). Venue : Webinar. Please click here for more details: [link]. or contact.

Meeting organised with the representatives of the Pension Fund of Ukraine

International Federation of Social Workers

Following the needs identified by social workers, the Community Social Work Centre in Kamianets-Podilskyi district organised a meeting with the staff of the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Internally displaced people, […]. Ukraine

Red Ribbon Week Activities: Assembly & Lesson Ideas

Kylie the Creative Social Worker

In my experience as a social worker, our role is always in charge or at least a large part of Red Ribbon Week. And when you work with a large age range like I do,… Blog

Increasing Palliative Care Accessibility through Grassroots Community Collaborations and Teamwork


How a senior center in upstate New York created a grassroots model to address the needs of an aging population. Palliative Care Models Clinical Care

‘Painful’ Ofsted report in Herefordshire leads to calls for resignations

The Guardian

General meeting was held to discuss failing children’s services after an inspection slated its social work as ‘inadequate’ in all areas Councillors called for heads to roll at an extraordinary general meeting held to discuss Herefordshire’s failing children’s services after an Ofsted inspection slated its social work as “inadequate” in all areas.

Third Season Episode 21: A conversation with Suzy Hopkins and Hallie Bateman on their book, “What to do when I am gone.”

Hospice Chaplaincy

In Today’s episode, Saul talks to Suzy Hopkins and Hallie Bateman about their experience as mother-daughter collaborators and how making the book changed their perception of losing a loved one. Suzy Hopkins is a retired journalist who worked for four Northern California newspapers, then founded and ran a community magazine in the Sierra foothills for […]. Podcast

NASW Recognizes October 6th as National Depression Screening Day

Social Work Blog

By Denise Johnson, LCSW-C. Senior Practice Associate, Clinical Social Work. Depression is a very common and serious mental health condition that can significantly impact a person’s ability to function in all aspects of life. It can result from a number of social, emotional, and biological factors.

The Community Social Work Centre in Ukraine Provides Essential First Aid Training so the Community can better respond to risks and dangers

International Federation of Social Workers

The Community Social Work Centre in Ukraine continues to organize and provide group counselling and training/support for internally displaced people who have relocated to the area. A second group process […]. Ukraine

Red Ribbon Week Activities: Assembly & Lesson Ideas

Kylie the Creative Social Worker

In my experience as a social worker, our role is always in charge or at least a large part of Red Ribbon Week. And when you work with a large age range like I do,… Blog

“Hope is the Oxygen” — Michigan Social Work Hosts Darren Walker for Its Second Social Justice Changemaker Lecture

Michigan Social Work

Earlier this month, the School of Social Work presented Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, in the School’s second annual Social Justice Changemaker Lecture.

‘Perilous’ shortage of homecare workers leaves patients trapped in hospitals

The Guardian

Exclusive: almost one in four people unable to be discharged were waiting for home care, data reveals A “perilous” shortage of homecare workers is the biggest reason thousands of people are languishing longer in hospital than needed, driving up waiting lists and making people sicker, figures reveal.

Future Medicare Models Expected to Take Lessons from Medicare Care Choices Model (MCCM)


MCCM shines in its results compared to other Medicare models. News Bites

Self-Care A-Z: Celebrating Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month—Promoting Expansive Self-Care

The New Social Worker

For some in the Latinx community who have been taught to work hard, slowing down and taking care of oneself is seen as devaluing one’s self-worth. It’s imperative that self-care not be limited to a mainstream privileged lens

Iran Association of Social Workers Speaks on the Countries Challenges

International Federation of Social Workers

President of the Iran Association of Social Workers Speaks on the Countries Challenges The Iran Association of Social Workers warmly empathizes with Mahsa Amini’s family for the big loss they […]. Human Rights Social Protection Social Work law and order human rights social work protection Ethics

Actress tackles childhood trauma in new play

Social Workers Speak

Actress Mary Neiderkorn. Meet Actress Mary Neiderkorn, whose one-woman show on mental health called “Thank You for Trying to Make Me a Better Person,” make its off-Broadway debut later this month.

NASW Foundation Lyons and Gosnell MSW Scholarships Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Social Work Blog

By Paul R. While Tamara Harris has a background in finance, her second career is a first-generation social worker. In addition to helping people improve their mental health, her other passion is supporting education, particularly aiding first-generation college students achieve success.

Australia’s caring economy to face shortage of over 200,000 workers by 2050, study finds

The Guardian

Dementia Caregivers Urgently Need Early Access to Palliative Care


Opinion piece on The Hill makes case for early palliative care for people living with dementia. News Bites


How to Create a Disaster Behavioral Health Plan


Disasters happen. Whether they are natural or man-made disasters, human services professionals must prepare accordingly. While the steps your organization takes to prepare for a disaster may vary based on its location, there are certain best practices everyone can follow.