‘Did not attend’: what are the barriers to attending initial psychotherapy appointments?

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Laurence Palfreyman explores a mixed methods systematic review, which brings together research from across the world looking at why people fail to attend their first psychotherapy appointment. The post ‘Did not attend’: what are the barriers to attending initial psychotherapy appointments?

Internet-based psychotherapy may be cost-effective for anxiety and depression

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The post Internet-based psychotherapy may be cost-effective for anxiety and depression appeared first on National Elf Service. Ally Canaway blogs a systematic review which finds evidence of internet-based psychological interventions being cost-effective for depression and anxiety.


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Observing therapist-patient interactions to predict dropout from psychotherapy

Society of Clinical Psychology

Over about the last 50 years, clinical research has proven without a doubt that psychotherapy significantly alleviates the symptoms of a wide range of mental illnesses, for example, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and addictions (Lutz et al.,

psychotherapy as internal relation

Clinical Philosophy

(notes for a talk at Confer, 21st Sep 2019 ) Abstract Describing psychotherapy as a method of treatment is expedient in healthcare settings, but it would take a tin ear to not baulk at it as a characterisation of the therapeutic experience.

Metacognitive therapy for depressive symptoms in cardiac patients: new findings from the PATHWAY trial

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anxiety cardiovascular disease depression psychotherapy randomised controlled trial cardiac rehabilitation Circulation comorbidities depressive symptoms group psychotherapy later life metacognitive therapy PATHWAY physical health psychotherapies

Clinician and client political values in culturally-competent psychotherapy

Society of Clinical Psychology

Half of therapists said that their political beliefs influenced how they practiced psychotherapy, and 23% identified the client’s political preferences as being among the top three demographic and cultural factors that affect them the most when working with clients who are different from them.

Behavioural therapies may reduce inattention symptoms in adults with ADHD

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ADHD CBT psychotherapy systematic review adults coaching cognitive behavioural therapy cognitive training dialectical behaviour therapy inattention Journal of Mental Health metacognitive therapy mindfulness neurofeedback psychoeducation psychotherapies

CBT for youth anxiety and depression: satisfaction guaranteed?

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anxiety CBT child and adolescent depression psychotherapy systematic review cognitive behavioural therapy Depression and Anxiety intervention acceptability meta-analysis psychotherapies satisfaction youth mental health

CBT 63

Why Anyone Can Benefit From Therapy

My Brains Not Broken

mental health mental wellness psychology psychotherapy therapyLike many people, I have a love/hate relationship with therapy.

The 4M model for promoting student mental health: mindfulness, movement, meaning and moderator-based interventions

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In her debut blog, Snigdha Dutta explores the 4M model for promoting university student mental health, explored by a recent systematic review which suggests that a combination of mindfulness, movement, meaning, and moderator-based interventions may help.

Bringing My Whole Self to Therapy

My Brains Not Broken

mental health psychotherapy therapist therapists therapyA few months ago, a big part of my mental health routine was thrown off pretty heavily when I had to abruptly stop seeing my therapist.

loneliness and therapy

Clinical Philosophy

But yesterday I realised what I should have said is this: Psychotherapy is, as I believe we all know, primarily about helping the patient identify and disidentify from and challenge critical or otherwise unhelpful inner voices, voices which demoralise. Yet my point is that the work of psychotherapy, as we've always practiced it, is itself precisely what's required for the true amelioration of loneliness. bad objects loneliness love psychotherapy

Importance of Dignity Therapy in working with the dying

Hospice Chaplaincy

Saul Ebema Dignity therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed for terminally ill patients and their families. The focus Continue Reading. Research death and dying dignity therapy Dr. Saul Ebema Hospice chaplaincy Saul Ebema

Sexism Makes it Harder for Girls to Benefit from Therapy

Society of Clinical Psychology

In this blog post, I describe a study that my colleagues and I conducted examining whether psychotherapies are less effective for girls in places with higher sexism. how efficacious an intervention, such as psychotherapy or medication, is).

The Promise of Data Informed Patient-Therapist Matching: Context Matters

Society of Clinical Psychology

It may come as no surprise to patients and therapists to hear that the therapist matters when it comes to the quality of psychotherapy. Findings from psychotherapy outcome research have “caught up” to anecdote and patient and therapist intuition. Psychotherapy, 52 , 308–314.

what's love got to do with it?

Clinical Philosophy

In a paper on whether psychotherapy is a form of prostitution, philosopher Rupert Read suggests that therapy is to genuine loving friendship (‘agape’) as prostitution is to erotic love (‘eros’). Is psychotherapy, too, not a more subtle selling of such a fantasy?

Types of Therapy and Mental Health Providers

Stop Abuse Campaign

Along with psychotherapy, they can dispense medication if needed to help with the overall course of therapy. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is very different from the two previously mentioned approaches. .

How to Choose a Therapist: Tips and Fits

Stop Abuse Campaign

Therapy” is often used interchangeably with the terms “counseling” and “psychotherapy.” Counseling and psychotherapy are used with virtually all types of mental illness including: . ← How to heal from ACEs and childhood trauma.

Covid-19 Telehealth Publications

Society of Clinical Psychology

Several entities are sharing resources relevant to this crisis and we decided that our contribution would be to compile recent publications on the application of tele-health to evidence-based psychotherapy.

nota bene

Clinical Philosophy

I don't know about you, but the reason I often make notes after psychotherapy sessions is because I need aides-memoires. I've about 18 patients - in my private psychotherapy practice - at any one time; most of them attend just once a week.

NASW Recognizes October 6th as National Depression Screening Day

Social Work Blog

Most people see improvements in their depressive symptoms with psychotherapy. By Denise Johnson, LCSW-C. Senior Practice Associate, Clinical Social Work.

2022 International Women’s Day

MQ Mental Health

This International womens day, we want to celebrate the achievements of three inspiring past MQ Fellows. The MQ Fellows awards invests in early career researchers, giving them the support and funding they need to expand on their research and develop their careers within mental health science.

What is evidence based practice in social work?

Save the Social Worker

Adapted from Daryl Chow , Scott Miller and Mark Hubble, their ARPS framework seeks to embed deliberate practice within psychotherapy. Theory? What theory? I threw that out of the window after university! My colleague started laughing. I couldn’t see the humour in that.

Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Bandit

PSYCHOTHERAPY. TikTok Video. YouTube Video. Infographic. Cognitive-Behavioral Information. Psychodynamic Information. Humanistic. Integrative/Holistic. IPSRT (Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy) Information. MEDICATIONS. Antipsychotics Antipsychotics A–Z Information.

Am I Depressed? Depression Symptoms, Causes, Therapy

Stop Abuse Campaign

Through lifestyle changes, counseling, psychotherapy, or medications, there is hope that we can negate or reduce the effects and get out of depression. Two of the most common forms of depression therapy include cognitive-behavior therapy and psychotherapy.

How Relationship Counselling Can Benefit You

Psychological Health Care

Relationship counselling is a type of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a structured process which can be limited to a few sessions or can be longer term, depending on the individuals involved and approach needed.

(CY) 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule: Key Provisions Impacting Clinical Social Workers

Social Work Blog

Psychotherapy with Crisis and Higher-Level Codes : NASW urges CMS to allow high-level services such as crisis psychotherapy to be furnished through audio-only.

Theories and Methods - Reality Therapy

The Licensed Clinical Social Worker Exam

RT helps people focus on pursuing their needs, leaving aside discussion of symptoms, the past, and the unconscious--an enormous departure from other, traditional modes of psychotherapy. Reality therapy (RT) was developed in the 1960s by William Glasser. Glasser's view is that people suffer from the human condition rather than mental disorders.

Good Grief! Coping with grief & loss

Millennial Social Worker

Psychotherapy is another useful strategy for coping with grief and loss. Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest.

Do psychotherapists improve with time and experience?

Society of Clinical Psychology

Psychotherapy is not always, of course, a predictable environment. Research on expertise in psychotherapy has relied heavily on cross-sectional designs (Stein & Lambert, 1995). His research interests include mindfulness-based interventions, psychotherapy, and research methods.

The Delicate Balancing of the Couples Therapist

American Board of Clinical Social Work

Most forms of psychotherapy require that the therapist perform a “delicate balancing act” between competing forces. Some authors refer to this skill as dialectical thinking–the ability to mentally (and emotionally) hold seemingly opposite factors in dynamic tension in service of moving a system toward higher functioning. In Neurodynamic Couples Therapy, there are primarily three areas in which the delicate balancing of the couples therapist is required for therapeutic success. Safety?Danger

Why Reporting Harms Matters

Society of Clinical Psychology

A challenge arises however due to the relative paucity of reporting of harms in the literature, particularly with psychotherapy efficacy and comparative effectiveness trials, which then limits decision-making regarding the relative balance between potential benefits and harms of a treatment.

News Items – January 20, 2022

Social Workers Speak

Yurilka Hernandez is a member: Yurilka Hernandez, LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker with Psychotherapy Today. Yurilka is a licensed clinical social worker currently serving patients at her private practice, Psychotherapy Today. She truly cares about each client’s wellbeing and guarantees top-of-the-line counseling and psychotherapy services catered to their needs. NYPD: Woman dies after being pushed in front of subway train.

News Items – August 18, 2022

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Sandra Eagle is a member: Why Small Businesses Matter: Sandra Eagle, LCSW Transformational Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy with all ages and the gamut of issues. Clergy, social workers fear fallout from Okla. abortion laws. Associated Press.

NASW Press Reads for Balance, Self-Care, and Connection

Social Work Blog

Drawing on his 40+ years of meditation practice, experience as a Vietnam veteran, and decades of psychotherapy work with his clients, Ray Scurfield demonstrates how to introduce meditation into treatment for clients with posttraumatic stress disorder or everyday stress.

New Frequently Asked Questions on the No Surprises Act: Good Faith Estimates

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A4: In circumstances where a social worker expects to furnish recurring services, such as psychotherapy services, a social worker may issue a GFE for those recurring services, rather than a GFE for each instance. April 18, 2022.

Identifying Mechanisms of Change in Clinical Supervision

Society of Clinical Psychology

When attending national academic conferences in psychology, it is hard not to hear mention of mechanisms of change in psychotherapy. Mediators and mechanisms of change in psychotherapy research. Unique and common mechanisms of change across cognitive and dynamic psychotherapies.

Am I Crazy? Anxiety Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

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CBT is a type of psychotherapy that teaches you an alternative way to think and behave, changing how you feel about stressors that cause your fear and anxiety. ← Why I Meditate (And You Should Too). Did you know that over 40 million adults and seven percent of children suffer anxiety?

Celebrate Your Graduate—Save 30% Off Select Books!

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Drawing on his 40+ years of meditation practice, experience as a Vietnam veteran, and decades of psychotherapy work with his clients, Ray Scurfield demonstrates how to introduce meditation into treatment for clients with posttraumatic stress disorder or everyday stress.

News Items – September 15, 2022

Social Workers Speak

On the line was the latest worried and exasperated parent hoping to schedule a psychotherapy appointment with me for a child or teenager. Steve MacHattie is a member: Suicide Survivor Shares Hope and Support. Rocky Hill Patch. Steve MacHattie, LCSW and Owner of the Charter Oak Family Center in Manchester , has lived experience – he began experiencing suicidal thoughts and survived his first suicide attempt when he was six or seven years old. “I I remember being in my bedroom alone.