Conflict Resolution and Communicating Without Violence

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Civil Rights Organizing - Ali Lozano, MSW

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In this episode, I talk with Alesandra Lozano, known to colleagues and friends as Ali, who is the Director of Communications and Advocacy of the Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP), based in Houston, Texas. In this episode, I talk with Alesandra Lozano, known to colleagues and friends as Ali, who is the Director of Communications and Advocacy of the Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP), based in Houston, Texas. Episode 44 Guest: Ali Lozano, MSW Host: Shimon Cohen, LCSW.


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Life Skills

Counselor Toolbox podcast

- Review common life skills Communication Skills - Types - Written - Nonverbal - Oral - Review common life skills Communication Skills - Types - Written - Nonverbal - Oral

Cancer and Mental Health

Counselor Toolbox podcast

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Asian People

Counselor Toolbox podcast

- Learn about Asian cultures, traditions and values as they relate to mental health - Learn about communication styles to help the counselor more effectively communicate with culturally different clients - Explore health disparities - Explore appropriate approaches to counseling General Information - Asian Americans have a 17.30

The Impact of Gut Health For Mental Health and Relapse Prevention

Counselor Toolbox podcast

The uncovering of the role of intestinal microbiota in the development of the immune system and its bidirectional communication with the brain have led to growing interest on reciprocal interactions between inflammation, microbiota and depression. -

Mental Illness: Communicating When We Don’t Have The Words

Blurt It Out

When we’re struggling with our mental health, there’s often a message to communicate. The post Mental Illness: Communicating When We Don’t Have The Words appeared first on The Blurt Foundation.

GeriPal Podcast: Avoiding the Uncanny Valley in Serious Illness Communication


Listen to learn how to anticipate and avoid scripted and rote phrases in communication with patients and families. News Bites

Israeli Union of Social Workers Invites Palestinian Union to build communication and cooperation

International Federation of Social Workers

The Israeli Union of Social Workers calls for the Palestinian Social Workers to join them in dialogue to explore how the two unions can communicate and work together advancing the profession in the region. IFSW supports the Israeli Union and Palestinian Union of Social Workers working towards cooperation and setting a civil-society example for their […].

Serious Illness Care Quality, Communications Lacking for Black Hospice Patients


Article cites CAPC's key findings, revealing disparities in pain and symptom management, and communication, among Black patients with serious illness.

Enhancing Serious Illness Communication Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)


How a hybrid AI-human serious illness communication workflow may improve efficiency and more. News Bites

Four vital Psychosocial aspects in communicating with the terminally ill patient and family

Hospice Chaplaincy

Jo Hockley Since the 1960s there has been an increasing interest in the psychosocial aspects of end of life care. Continue Reading.

Black Patients with Serious Illness Receive Worse Pain Management, Poor Communication


CAPC's Brittany Chambers interviewed by Helio's HemOnc Today. News Bites

The Digital Divide is a Human Rights Issue


How would you communicate with loved ones, do your homework or pay your bills […]. Sanders digital divide Federal Communications Commission Human Rights Internet access long-term evolution network University of UtahSWHELPER.

Open Channels: If, When, and How to Communicate Social Work Research Beyond Academic Outlets

Jaeran Kim

Does depth and complexity get lost in communication beyond academic outlets? Related to this point about institutions – one of the questions we posed was how can/should institutions facilitate open channels and how can/should they value communication and engagement beyond academia? I’m in Washington, D.C. for a social work conference, and yesterday I participated on a panel as part of the SSWR ‘s Roots and Wings Roundtable series.

The Difference Between Hearing And Listening

Blurt It Out

Supporting Someone with Depression active listening Anxiety Communication conversation Coping Depression Friends hear hearing listen listening Mental Health Opening Up Peer Support support Tips & AdviceHearing what someone says, and listening to their words, are not the same thing.

Good for him!

Parenthood Understood

Here’s what he taught me that day: We really must view a child’s behavior as communication, and communication is good. Rather, I’m saying that if we look at it as a communication, then we can find the good behind the behavior.

Race and the media

The Socail Issue

TweetI’ve been thinking since the Harry and Meghan interview and the subsequent debate sparked by the nonsensical claim from the Society of Editors that UK media isn’t bigoted.

Social Worker Email Etiquette

Social Work Tech

Email is a venue of communication in which your professionalism shows. Practice Tech Tools communication professionalism social work social worker social workers socialwork socialworkers socialworktech swtech

Technology Disruption Readiness Plan: A Best Practice for the Social Work Classroom

Teaching & Learning in Social Work

Being prepared with backup technology or knowing how to communicate quickly with your students is vital in times of disruption. What are alternative modes of communication? Define and share your preferred channels of communication for your course.

Tips for the new Social Work Adjunct Instructor

Teaching & Learning in Social Work

Plan for communication. Email is a very common means of communication between students and their professors, but there is also texting and phone calls. Share with your students your preferred mode of communication and when they might expect a response (i.e.,

We Write the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing


It is true that prior to the pandemic nonprofits were already transitioning from analog to more digital donor interactions, fundraising events, and cyber communication with a whole new segment of partners and small contributors.

How to Organize Your Files

Kylie the Creative Social Worker

color-code student files by grade level spreadsheet for weekly lesson plans; spreadsheet for IEP quarter reports logs for DCFS, communication, and… The post How to Organize Your Files appeared first on Kylie The Creative Social Worker | All rights reserved

How Do You Know WHEN It's the Right Time to Upgrade Your Software?


It's about enabling superior communication that gives way to better, stronger collaboration. For most organizations, case management software is about a lot more than just making your day slightly easier through the adoption of new technology.

Ethics Alive! The Ethics of SocBots: Imagining Siri and Alexa as the Next Generation of Social Workers

The New Social Worker

Can Siri and Alexa be programmed with social work values, knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills? Is this the "new" social worker of the future? Can SocBots learn and adapt to provide better, more ethical services

Why Active Listening is Essential in Social Work

Social Work Haven

Active listening is a communication technique used in social work to help the person being listened to feel understood and supported. Active listening as a communication technique can help the client feel a sense of belonging. Pay attention to help improve communication.

12 Books For Teaching Self-Esteem & Confidence

Kylie the Creative Social Worker

It also includes skills like assertive communication and mindset.… Sometimes teaching self-esteem and confidence can be difficult. Sure, we might start with identifying strengths and weaknesses, but self-worth is so much more complex than that.

GCRA International Online Conference

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

Communication Research in the Pandemic Times: Implications for Theory Building and Policy Research. GCRA International Online Conference.

FAMCare Fundamentals.Messaging and Email Tools


This short training video puts the spotlight on several features of FAMCare's Internal Communications Module. We understand our clients in the human service field need a simple yet powerful communication system. Our messaging and email tools offer both simplicity and superior functionality to our users. Enjoy watching this overview of the messaging and emailing tools. As always if you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out with your questions.

Third Season Episode 10: A conversation with author Jean Keegan Daily on her book, “Reflections of a season soul.”

Hospice Chaplaincy

Jean has extensive experience counseling individuals, couples, and families through issues of loss, grief, chronic pain and disease, trauma, anxiety, stress, and depression, communication and relationship problems, and transitional phases […]. In this week’s episode, Saul talks to Jean Keegan Daly, Registered Nurse. Jean Keegan Daly is also the author of “Reflections of a seasoned soul.”

Developing a Personalized Social Media Policy for Social Work Practice

Teaching & Learning in Social Work

Because there are no set standards for what should be included in a social media policy or how it should be communicated with clients, colleagues, or constituents, this step will help students identify common issues addressed in social media policies and the overall tone of the policy (i.e.

Methods for Non-Profit Organizations to Improve Their Digital Maturity


The rise of social media, e-commerce, and other digital platforms has enabled people to communicate and engage with one another in ways that were previously unthinkable. The world has become increasingly digital in the early twenty-first century.

North America region news on Ukraine

International Federation of Social Workers

We are pleased to share the communication on behalf of Chief Executive Officer of the NASW Insurance Enterprise, Tony Benedetto. NASW: the Insurance Enterprise has divested from all Russian investment assets.

Caring for Caregivers


When we asked child welfare case workers that we communicate with on a regular basis what they think the problem is, the consensus was clear. Turnover in child welfare case workers has reached troubling proportions. In any profession, an annual turnover rate around 10% is considered healthy.

Learning about the present from the past: poverty then and now

Martin Webber

They spent their time there drafting webpages to communicate. First year social work students from the University of York spent the last day of this term at the Ripon Workhouse Museum. No, not an end-of-term jolly. Ripon Social work education

Helping Schools Motivate Parents to Participate in their Child’s Autism Education Plan


Oftentimes, children diagnosed with ASD are unable to communicate their needs and wants effectively. Thus, it is the responsibility of both the school and parents to maintain open communication regarding a students’ education plan. Communication.

How to Build Better Relationships for Mental Health, Happiness

Psychological Health Care

Work on your communication skills. Develop your people skills or the ways in which you collaborate, communicate and deal with conflict. Talk to each other and communicate your needs – don’t wait for your partner to try to guess what is going on with you.

Child Tax Credit Letter

Social Work Blog

For more info: NASW Communications Director Greg Wright. Here is a copy of the letter of Social Workers in support of Child Tax Credit. Press Releases Press Room

IASSW Online General Assembly 2022

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

Rashmi Pandey for her hard work in maintaining all administrative and communications with IASSW Board Members and members. IASSW Online General Assembly 2022. IASSW held its Online General Assembly 2022 on July 13, 2022.

How Technology Improves the Quality of Life for Seniors?


It has improved our lives in countless ways, from making it easier to communicate with others to help save time and energy. When most people think of technology , they think of smartphones and laptops.