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Military Aggression in Ukraine

International Federation of Social Workers

The military aggression in Ukraine will result in death, destruction, more human rights abuses, large-scale refugee movements, and the traumatization of people. Social work has responded over many decades to the human tragedies that follow the war.

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Understanding Military Culture: Implementation in Treatment

University of Connecticut

is seeing increased attention paid to the mental health, substance abuse, and suicide issues within the military and veteran communities, there is also increased concern about our nation’s capacity to provide the services needed. This webinar will: provide a brief overview of military culture and cultural components. While the U.S.


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Remembering Unsung Black Social Work Pioneer Lester Blackwell Granger

Social Work Blog

military after World War II. Granger served in the military during World War I and experienced first-hand the racism inflicted on Black soldiers who fought for freedom abroad, only to return to home to second-class citizenship and even violence in the form of lynching. The executive order to desegregate the military came in 1948.

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Statement on Ukraine by EEsrASSW

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

The pioneers and founders of professional social work explicitly advocated for peace and against military interventions that continue to inflict suffering on people on all sides of violent attacks. We think about the neighbouring countries and the whole world that is destabilised by the war. In today’s world, war is no longer justifiable.

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Parental Military Deployment and Children: What Have We Learned from More than a Decade of War?

Society of Clinical Psychology

A common saying in the military is that when one person joins the whole family serves. For many military families, geographic relocations, disrupted family routines, financial hardships, and fear of losing a loved one became a way of life. Alfano & Simon Lau, Department of Psychology, University of Houston. 2008; Chandra et al.,

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STUDENT VOICE: What Happened to No Man Left Behind? All Veterans Deserve Mental Health Care

The New Social Worker

Although limiting certain military benefits as a result of misconduct is understandable, we should not deny mental health care for service members who have experienced combat trauma.

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IFSW Statement of the Political Crisis at the Belarus / Polish Borders

International Federation of Social Workers

It is illustrated by nation-states moving security and military forces to particular borders to prevent or force migration, leading to shattered lives and sometimes destabilized societies. Migration is often fueled […].