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What to Do If You Have an Ongoing Psychiatric Crisis + Planning Ahead

Nnatasha Tracy

In an ongoing psychiatric crisis, you're in extreme distress, but your life is not on the line. It's not an acute psychiatric emergency. For information on acute psychiatric emergencies, please see here.) You also want to think about planning ahead for psychiatric crises/emergencies.

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What to Expect When a Child Discharges From a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital


When a child is discharged from a children’s psychiatric hospital, they will likely experience a range of emotions and expectations for life after their hospital stay. Choosing to admit a child for inpatient psychiatric care is never easy and it can be an overwhelming decision to make.


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How prioritisation tool can help councils tackle their DoLS backlogs

Community Care

No more automatic priority for hospitals The new priority tool has removed the concept of setting specific priority. In the original, tool acute and psychiatric hospitals were automatically given high priority. The new priority tool tightens this up to ‘meaningful, successive attempts to leave’.

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COVID-19 Hospitalization Linked to Long-Term Brain Function Issues, Reveals Latest Research Supported by MQ

MQ Mental Health

They then found health records from a different cohort of patients who had been admitted into hospital for different reasons and compared the data. They followed these patients for two years in order to properly understand the long-term impacts of COVID-19 infection and how it compares to other conditions that resulted in hospitalization.

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Hidden from the world: Out of area hospital placements for people diagnosed with personality disorder #NoOOA

The Social Care Elf

The post Hidden from the world: Out of area hospital placements for people diagnosed with personality disorder #NoOOA appeared first on National Elf Service.

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Guest Post: Interview with Author of Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry

Bipolar Bandit

I’m in my 14 th year as a mobile emergency psychiatric social worker. Although most mobile psychiatric emergency cases have involved mentally high functioning patients, I’ve been most invigorated from helping the most impaired patients, usually suffering from psychosis. I can authorize involuntary transfers of patients to hospitals.

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‘We fetishised being young – it’s just stupid!’: Judi Dench and Richard Eyre on ageing, Covid and saving the NHS

The Guardian

Its stars, including Jennifer Saunders and Bally Gill, share their thoughts during production – and more than a year later I live 10 minutes’ walk from a disused psychiatric hospital in north London. The other side of the site, built as a fever hospital in 1892, has been gradually abandoned.