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Police opens investigation into abuse at mental health hospital revealed by BBC

Community Care

Police have opened an investigation into abuse of patients at a mental health hospital uncovered by the BBC. Olivia, a patient who agreed to be featured on the programme, saying that her treatment at the hospital had made her serious mental health condition worse. Related articles.

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Training therapists in evidence-based mental health interventions: What works and what holds promise for the future?

Society of Clinical Psychology

She had dropped out of school, had increasing depression symptoms, and had been hospitalized several times for suicidality. By the time she presented to the specialty clinic, she had seen a number of therapists and had little hope for improvement, stating that “nothing worked before.” These early reviews concluded that self-study (e.g.,


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Why Is It So Hard To Ask For Help When Facing Psychological Distress?

Beautiful Voyager

One interesting question raised by the host JF Lacasse was: why is it so hard, especially for men, to talk about their psychological and emotional challenges, and ask for help? Why would men hide their psychological challenges more than women? They are a barrier to the accurate identification and treatment of psychological conditions”.

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How Social Workers can Use Words to Heal

Social Work Blog

Scherlong discovered a passion for doing healing work with words when she was an MFA student with a background in creative writing and psychology. “I I was going to do this work as a visiting artist,” Scherlong explained, “and all my friends at the time were therapists and suggested that I get a social work degree.

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What to expect when seeing a clinical psychologist with your child

Lawson Psychology

At the end of your initial appointment, your therapist will have a conversation with you about a treatment plan, including what therapy might look like for your child and family, how many sessions might be necessary and what sort of commitment will be required from your family outside the therapy appointments. What happens next?

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Whole Person Care: What It Means, How To Use It, and Why It’s Important


This has been especially true for psychology, where mental health has traditionally been seen as something wholly separate from physical health. This means that separate organs do not operate in a vacuum, and our psychological health cannot be completely separated from our physiological health.

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News Items – January 12, 2023

Social Workers Speak

Psychology Today. Both the American Psychological Association and American Medical Association have also denounced conversion therapy. Many in foster care are relegated to boarding for weeks or months in emergency rooms or to living in short-term psychiatric hospital wards with no end in sight because of the shortage.