Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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The “unintended abolition” is still making New York City children safer

NCCPR Child Welfare Blog

Between 2019, before the pandemic, and 2023 foster care went down… ENTRIES INTO FOSTER CARE.and child safety improved % ALLEGEDLY SUBJECT TO REPEAT “MALTREATMENT” Among the first studies to debunk the racist claims that, in the absence of “mandated reporters” keeping their eyes constantly on children, COVID would lead to a “pandemic of child abuse” was Prof.

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Building Organizational Resilience for Behavioral Health Providers


Though the COVID-19 pandemic is waning, the changes it brought to healthcare persist. Longer hours for clinicians, increased rates of burnout among all providers, and higher rates of reported mental illness are now commonplace. While these and many other difficulties are challenging, organizations can respond by creating systems for building organizational resilience.


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Fronting up to the Abolitionist Critique

Reimagining Social Work

Change is needed in child welfare and in social work more broadly if we are to begin to realise a social justice mandate. It has become blindingly obvious that there are fundamental disjunctions between the way that the profession of social work likes to see itself and the reality of policy and practice.

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Sobriety Chat: Hetti

Living Sober

Hetti is one of Living Sober's original members - and has just reached 9 years of sobriety! Hear her chat about her journey and the benefits of quitting drink.

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5 Must Haves for Case Management

Thousands of nonprofits rely on case management software to help collect data, manage programs, coordinate with agencies, and provide life-changing health and human services. Adopting a cloud-based case management platform is essential for nonprofits and government agencies to operate more efficiently and make better use of their funding and budget.

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Podcast: A conversation with Dr. Jonathan Singer on grief issues in end of life carePodcast:

Hospice Chaplaincy

In Today’s episode, Saul talks to Dr. Jonathan Singer on grief issues in end of life care. Dr. Singer is the assistant professor of clinical psychology at Texas Tech University. Some of the research that Dr. Singer has been part of that is covered in this episode; Education: B.A., Adelphi University M.A.