Thu.Sep 14, 2023

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Practitioners ‘will not get into trouble’ by sharing information to protect children, says data watchdog

Community Care

Practitioners “will not get into trouble” by sharing information to protect children at risk, the data protection watchdog has said. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued the message in releasing guidance today designed to allay frontline professionals’ fears that they will fall foul of data protection rules by sharing information in safeguarding cases.

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Resources to Know During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2023

My Brains Not Broken

CW: This post discusses suicide and suicide awareness. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is extremely important for many reasons, but one of the most important is that it’s a chance to have open discussions about suicide and suicide prevention. It’s also a good time to share resources for those who may need them, as well as people looking to share information with their loved ones and communities.


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How to Help Others Understand Mental Illness

Nnatasha Tracy

Helping others understand mental illness is no mean feat. When it comes to tackling this problem, no one would blame you if you just felt overwhelmed. Some people are very resistant to the realities of mental illness, and creating understanding seems almost impossible. That said, while not everyone will respond positively, I believe we can help others understand mental illness.

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Turkish Association of Social Workers Stands in Solidarity with Morocco After Devastating Earthquake

International Federation of Social Workers

We, the Turkish Association of Social Workers, express our deepest condolences and solidarity to everyone affected by the devastating earthquake in Morocco.

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5 Must Haves for Case Management

Thousands of nonprofits rely on case management software to help collect data, manage programs, coordinate with agencies, and provide life-changing health and human services. Adopting a cloud-based case management platform is essential for nonprofits and government agencies to operate more efficiently and make better use of their funding and budget.

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What Does Reproductive Justice Actually Look Like?

Nicole Clark Consulting

In Loretta Ross’ essay “What is Reproductive Justice?” in Reproductive Justice Briefing Book: A Primer on Reproductive Justice and Social Change, Loretta writes: “Reproductive Justice can be used as a theory for thinking about how to connect the dots in our lives. It is also a strategy for bringing together social justice movements. But also, [.] The post What Does Reproductive Justice Actually Look Like?

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Give yourself a pat on the back

Living Sober

Whether you are newly sober, or have been living without alcohol for some time, you deserve a big humungous pat on the back.

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What are the 10 Roles of Social Workers

Social Work Haven

You asked, what are the 10 roles of social workers ? While I can provide a list of 10 common roles of social workers, it’s important to note that our roles often go beyond these. Here are 10 roles of social workers, but this list is by no means exhaustive: Advocate : Social workers often act as advocates for their clients, working to ensure their rights and needs are met within various systems and institutions.

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Matthew Bakko Successfully Defends Dissertation

Michigan Social Work

Matthew Bakko, Joint PhD in Social Work and Sociology, has successfully defended his dissertation, “Institutional Change in Municipal Public Safety and the Logics of Punishment and Care.” Sunggeun Park served on his committee and Katie Richards-Schuster co-chaired his committee. Bakko has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University.

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Reflection on Presenting at NIHR ARC North Event – Mind the Gap: London boroughs’ ideas for adult social care research

Health & Social Care Workforce

Lucy Jacobs is a Senior Social worker with London Borough of Bromley Adult Social Care currently undertaking a Pre-Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship in the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London.

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Get Connected: Using Social Media for Social Work Success

Speaker: Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW.

You may have the clinical skills to manage a private practice, but your success could actually hinge on marketing skills. For a thriving practice, you need to differentiate yourself from others and present yourself in a way that attracts referrals. These days, much of that happens online, including on social media. In this webinar, Gary Direnfeld will discuss how social media marketing can help you build your private practice and grow your client base.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

University of Connecticut

Message from the Dean Dear Colleagues, National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15, gives us the opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of Hispanic and Latina/o/x communities. At the School of Social Work, we are looking forward to highlighting this special occasion and the contributions of these communities to our School, nation, and world.

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Social workers in Afghanistan demonstrate a commitment to supporting people and communities

International Federation of Social Workers

This marks a significant milestone in the journey of engaging social workers in supporting individuals and communities.

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The Impact of Hip-Hop on Behavior and Culture

University of Connecticut

Qur-an Webb, MSW and colleagues from Welcome 2 Reality November 14, 2023 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 2 CECs Webinar Registration Fee: $50 10% discount for UConn SSW Alumni and current SSW Field Instructors The webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete. In this webinar we’ll delve into the fascinating realm of hip-hop and explore its profound influence on behavior and culture.

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Navigating Intense Sadness: My Journey through Emotional Distress

Abuse Survivor

Life has a way of throwing emotional challenges our way, and for me, today has been one of those days where sadness has overwhelmed my senses. It’s not just any sadness; it’s a deep, intense feeling that has triggered physical discomfort like a headache, chest pain, and muscle tension. I want to share my journey through emotional distress, a journey that has been a constant companion since I was a very young child.