Sun.Apr 21, 2024

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Mental Health Is A Marathon: Why Exercise Helps Mental Well-being

MQ Mental Health

This weekend is the London Marathon and we at MQ are getting very excited for a number of reasons. Not only are there a number of runners raising money for vital mental health research (Which you can too in the future ) but also we’re excited because running is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. Medical research has shown that running and other forms of exercise can have numerous benefits for mental health, reducing anxiety, depression and sensitivity to stress.

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Ignorance still stalks the land

The Guardian

Beveridge’s giants | Carers | Cash-strapped Tories | Early Christmas | Bird’s birthday Beth Riding writes of the “five giants” William Beveridge wanted to overcome in 1942 still stalking the land ( I’m 17 and haven’t seen a dentist for four years. This is life in England’s NHS dental deserts, 17 April ). Agenda Publications noted this and asked five writers to discuss how far the giants had been overcome, in five books published in 2022: Disease on health, Ignorance on education, Idleness on emp

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I deserve this (a challenge to retrain your brain)

Living Sober

Try this 'I deserve it' exercise and see if it helps shift your thinking around booze.