Thu.Mar 23, 2023

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Mindfulness and Meditation Explained

Gary Direnfeld

Mindfulness is the capacity to be aware of one’s emotional state. Meditation is a tool to help one develop that capacity. Both are learned skills that require practice over time to develop. Many people begin thinking that Mindfulness and Meditation is like a switch you can turn on to find an immediate benefit. That would be wrong. Think of it like wanting to be a race car driver, yet you don’t even drive yet.

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Podcast on Social Work’s ‘Constant Stream of Development’: IFSW Representatives Visit The Norwegian Association of Social Workers

International Federation of Social Workers

Last week FO, The Norwegian Association of Social Workers, hosted Ana Radulescu, IFSW European Regional President and Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General.


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Where could Caden safely grow up?

National Casa Gal

Caden was assigned Dallas CASA volunteer Megan, who began visiting him and offering support to his foster family. Read More. The post Where could Caden safely grow up? appeared first on National CASA/GAL Association for Children.

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English councils spent £480m on ‘inadequate’ care homes in four years

The Guardian

Exclusive: Investigation finds huge sums of taxpayers’ money spent on poor quality private homes Taxpayers have spent close to half a billion pounds buying beds in the worst care homes in England in the last four years, driving profits for private investors while residents suffer unsafe treatment, a Guardian investigation has revealed. In what one affected family branded “a robbery of taxpayers’ money” and Labour said was “scandalous”, about £480m is estimated to have been spent on “inadequate”

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5 Must Haves for Case Management

Thousands of nonprofits rely on case management software to help collect data, manage programs, coordinate with agencies, and provide life-changing health and human services. Adopting a cloud-based case management platform is essential for nonprofits and government agencies to operate more efficiently and make better use of their funding and budget.

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News Items – March 23, 2023

Social Workers Speak

Social work students celebrate Social Work Advocacy Day at the capitol through Senate Bill advocation Hilltop Views On March 3, St. Edward’s social work students attended the annual Social Work Advocacy Day at the Texas State Capitol. This all-day event was put on by the Texas chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. It started at the LBJ Library and ended at the capitol, with almost 800 social work students and professionals attending from all across the state.

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‘How would you like to be in this dump?’: families’ horror at privately run UK care homes

The Guardian

Operators are pocketing large sums from councils while relatives speak of shocking conditions After watching his girlfriend suffer in a dementia home so poor that it faced possible closure, Donald Hedges reached a simple conclusion: “It’s a robbery of taxpayers’ money.” As it does for about a quarter of a million others in England, the state paid for Lilian Williams’ care.

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Five Ways We Can Better Understand Our Mental Health Symptoms

My Brains Not Broken

Earlier this week on the blog, I wrote about understanding symptoms. When it comes to mental illness, many symptoms are easy to see or understand. However, many symptoms also feel impossible to see in ourselves or others. A symptom of depression for one person might not exist for someone else, but both of these people could experience depression. Mental health is complex, and understanding our symptoms (however they look) is a big step on the path toward mental wellness.