Fri.Apr 19, 2024

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Tributes to Lea Milligan, MQ’s CEO

MQ Mental Health

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of MQ’s CEO Lea Milligan who passed away following a sudden illness on Monday the 15th of April. Lea dedicated his life to helping other people. He turned down a place at Oxford University, deciding instead to launch his career in the charity sector. He started by delivering cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and alternative education programmes in prisons before becoming COO of City Gateway who provide support to at-risk children and women in

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Of course a society that demonises poverty will try to prosecute vulnerable, unpaid carers | Zoe Williams

The Guardian

The scandal, revealed by the Guardian, didn’t occur in a vacuum. The right’s casting of the poor as parasitic benefits cheats underpins it all The unpaid carer’s allowance in this country is £81.90 a week. It’s hard to see what serious thought went into arriving at that figure – any calculation of how much it costs to live on, for instance, or how much an unpaid carer is saving the government.


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International Federation of Social Workers

IFSW Asia Pacific is looking for ONE Regional Representative to the IFSW Education Commission. This is a voluntary position.

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Lemn Sissay: ‘brilliant’ plans to improve child social care ignored by ministers

The Guardian

Poet says government has rejected some 2022 MacAlister recommendations because reforming system is not a vote winner UK politics – latest updates The poet and broadcaster Lemn Sissay has accused ministers of ignoring “brilliant” recommendations to improve the “dysfunctional” children’s social care system in England because they are not vote winners.

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5 Must Haves for Case Management

Thousands of nonprofits rely on case management software to help collect data, manage programs, coordinate with agencies, and provide life-changing health and human services. Adopting a cloud-based case management platform is essential for nonprofits and government agencies to operate more efficiently and make better use of their funding and budget.