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Suicide Prevention: How to Have an R U OK? Conversation

Psychological Health Care

Thursday September 8 is R U OK? It’s a National Day of Action when you are reminded that every day is the day to ask, ‘are you ok?’ and to start a meaningful conversation whenever you spot the signs that someone you care about might be struggling with life.

Depression: The Things You Don’t See When I’m Working

Blurt It Out

1 in 6.8 people in the average workplace experience mental health problems. Working whilst living with depression can be exhausting. There is a lot that people don’t see. Sometimes it can feel as though we’re almost living two different lives.

What is Family Psychoeducation Therapy?


David Jackson. Psychoeducation is a type of psychological treatment that focuses on giving information about mental illnesses and the treatments they provide. Psychoeducation therapy seeks to assist individuals to understand their ailments and discover how to effectively manage them.

Resiliency Actually Requires Frustration

Gary Direnfeld

Resiliency is the capacity to overcome adversity. It is learned and developed throughout childhood, even starting as a little one. It requires the child to meet with frustration and to be soothed such that they settle and cope.

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Children waiting up to six weeks to see social workers, as authority downgraded to ‘inadequate’

Community Care

Children who met thresholds were left waiting up to six weeks to see a social worker due to “significant, widespread and systemic” weaknesses in a council’s front door service, Ofsted has found.

Remaking Social Work for the New Global Era – Its available now!

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

Future social work practice requires a holistic framework to deal effectively with the great social and economic disruptions of this unprecedented time.

Thinking About Separating? Think About This….

Gary Direnfeld

It is not uncommon that when a person thinks about separating from their partner, they may contemplate it for years before following through. That means this person has had all that time to think it through as well as adjust emotionally. When the news is delivered, even if the relationship was problematic, the one just receiving the news feels like the rug is pulled from beneath them.

Alumni Spotlight: Jelan Agnew, LCSW

University of Connecticut

Headshot of Jelan Agnew, LCSW , Name, Profession Title and Employer, SSW Class & Concentration. Jelan Agnew, LCSW, fo under of Nalej of Self, LLC. Class of 2011, clinical concentration. . Brief description about your career path. .


Stop Abuse Campaign Gains a Champion in Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Stop Abuse Campaign

← How America Can Break the Cycle and Prevent Drug Abuse. New York— Tuesday, September 6th 2022 — The Stop Abuse Campaign today announced that nationally recognized leader Linda C. Degutis, DrPH, MSN , has taken the helm of the organization and its efforts to end the cycle of abuse. “I’m

ECSWE 20-23 of June 2023 – Conference- Save the date!

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

ECSWE 20-23 of June 2023 -Diversity and Social Work Education: Building Bridges for Sustainable Futures! Oporto – Save the date!

You May Be Choking on Past Trauma and Don’t Even Know It

Gary Direnfeld

I meet with folks who don’t realize the severity of the abuse and trauma to which they were exposed growing up. They may have tremendous issues with mental health, drug or alcohol abuse and/or serious physical ailments, but nowhere has anyone ever helped them make a connection to those early life experiences. I am the first to point out those experiences for what they were. It often comes as a surprise. The thing is, whatever we experience growing up becomes our normal.

For When I’m Suicidal; For When You’re Suicidal

Nnatasha Tracy

Dear Suicidal Friend, This sucks. Okay, it doesn't just suck. It's horrendous. It's horrific. It's soul-sucking. It's suicidality at its finest. It's lonely, and the pain is unbearable. I know what that feels like. I have been there many times before.


How Do You Know WHEN It's the Right Time to Upgrade Your Software?


For most organizations, case management software is about a lot more than just making your day slightly easier through the adoption of new technology. It's about leveraging the power of the digital world both to your advantage and to the advantage of the people you serve.

Liz Truss appoints cabinet ministers for social care

Community Care

Incoming prime minister Liz Truss has appointed new cabinet ministers to take responsibility for social care, as the sector battles the cost of living crisis and widespread staffing shortages, while facing substantial policy change.

Free Mental Health Webinars, September 2022

Social Work.Career

This post is part of the monthly series, Free Webinars for Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals, featuring over 40 free webcasts that we could find for you this month in the field of social work and mental health.

IFSW Europe takes part in discussion on the development of social policies to support Ukrainian refugees

International Federation of Social Workers

This week IFSW Europe was invited to a meeting at Social Platform in Brussels with Mr. Lodewijk Asscher, who was appointed by Commissioner Schmit as a special advisor on Ukraine to promote the social integration of Ukrainian refugees. In addition to Ana R?dulescu

Human Trafficking Case Manager and Research Analyst Focus Group


Lisa Rymshaw. Survivors of Sex Trafficking: It’s Not as Simple as ‘Get a Job’ What happens to individuals in underserved communities who have survived sex trafficking and exploitation?

8 Years and a Child’s Poem

Untipsy Teacher

Dear Readers, Here I sit in the fading sunshine, Mr. UT next to me, writing after such a long time. I now have been alcohol free for 8 years. It’s definitely something to celebrate, if for the one reason, life is much better not drinking.

Boost to social worker numbers despite funding constraints helps council improve Ofsted grade

Community Care

Investing in social workers in the face of “extremely challenging constraints in funding” has helped a council improve its Ofsted grade from inadequate to requires improvement.

The good news: A public radio station in Kansas City talked to the right people for a "child welfare" story. The bad news: They still missed the point

NCCPR Child Welfare Blog

A billboard from JMac For Families The story shows deep compassion for the trauma caused by removing children – the trauma it causes for those doing the removing , that is.

The Humanitarianism of Jane Addams

The New Social Worker

A future based on Jane Addams’ ideal of humanitarianism is achievable. It’s up to us to go out and make it

6 Useful Tips to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy


MJ Fernandez. People these days are often so busy with work and their responsibilities that sometimes they forget to take care of their mental and physical health. However, if you keep this up, you risk your chances of burning out and developing certain illnesses that may be hard to treat later on.


When Governments Practice Foresight

Social Work Futures

(This is a revision of a post first published in December 2018.). What does it look like when an entire government or a large government agency commits to a futures lens?

Helpful Resources During Suicide Prevention Month 2022

My Brains Not Broken

CW: This post discusses suicide and suicide awareness. Last week was the beginning of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This month is extremely important because it’s a chance to have honest, open discussions about suicide and suicide prevention.

Vacancy spike delayed permanence for some children but Ofsted finds progress at struggling council

Community Care

A social work vacancy spike led to delays in permanence for some children at an ‘inadequate’ council last year, but Ofsted has found signs of improvement in its latest visit.

Ministers to make it easier for foreign nurses and dentists to work in NHS

The Guardian

Change to registration process will pave way for thousands of staff trained overseas to come to UK, says government Ministers will introduce legislation as soon as parliament returns on Monday to tackle the NHS’s worsening staffing crisis by making it easier for overseas nurses and dentists to work in the UK.

ADHD: Brain Fog Is No Laughing Matter. Well, Maybe Just a Little

A Splintered Mind

Call it brain fog, absentmindedness, or a senior moment, but sometimes when your ADHD brain goes on the fritz, you’ve just got to laugh. I am here today to tell you that playing Sudoku daily will not improve brain fog. I know.


Advancing Active Allyship for Social Justice: Cross-Group Friendships, Social Empathy, and Political Engagement

Social Work Blog

Collections of policies in the United States have produced and perpetuated ubiquitous social disadvantage. To overcome this reality, policymaking must be more democratic and participatory with active allyship in support of social justice.

Council facing removal of services improving care leaver provision, finds Ofsted

Community Care

A council whose children’s services will be transferred to an independent trust next year has improved its provision for care leavers, Ofsted has found.

Thérèse Coffey considers paying care homes in England to free hospital beds

The Guardian

New health secretary examining proposals for care homes to look after patients whose discharge is prevented by lack of social care Thérèse Coffey is considering handing hundreds of millions of pounds to care homes to help free up hospital beds as part of her emergency plan to tackle the growing crisis in the NHS.

ECSWE 20-23 of June 2023 – Conference- Save the date!

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

ECSWE 20-23 of June 2023 -Diversity and Social Work Education: Building Bridges for Sustainable Futures! Oporto – Save the date!

How to Improve Case Outcomes With Case Management Software


Our society is built on a variety of complex processes that allow us to access the services we require on a daily basis. The current technological growth trend is primarily focused on accelerating and streamlining business operations.