August, 2022

Addressing Racism in Social Work Licensing #StopASWB - Charla Yearwood, LCSW; Cassandra Walker, LCSW, CCTP; Alan Dettlaff, PhD, MSW

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Episode 56 Guests: Charla Yearwood, LCSW; Cassandra Walker, LCSW, CCTP; Alan Dettlaff, PhD, MSW Host: Shimon Cohen, LCSW. Listen/Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts , Google Podcasts , Stitcher , Spotify. Follow on Twitter & Instagram , Like on Facebook.


Evidence Based Practices for Anxiety Treatment

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Half of foster carers considering quitting due to cost of living crisis, finds survey

Community Care

Over half (54%) of foster carers are considering resigning because of the cost of living crisis, a survey of over 1,000 has found.

Tips for the new Social Work Adjunct Instructor

Teaching & Learning in Social Work

In my role as the Director of our undergraduate social work program this summer, I have been onboarding several new adjunct instructors to our Department.

How the Right Social Services Software Can Improve the Adoption Process


With over 400,000 children in foster care and over 100,000 adoptable children in the United States, we are passionate about improving the adoption process with the right social services software.

A social worker who left wonders if you should be a social worker

Save the Social Worker

Two years of doing social work. Two years after working full-time as a social worker, it ended. It wasn’t an active decision on my part. It just happened. My contract expired after two years. It was as simple as that. There was no ‘Big Bang!’ Celebrating the end of my time as a social worker.

Forging the next generation of social care nursing leaders

Social Care

Around a fifth of the adult social care workforce are from a black or minority ethnic background. This increases to 40% of nurses. Sadly, this diversity is not reflected at senior management and leadership level. A new leadership programme aims to change that. Image copyright Lauren Hurley/DHSC].

Poverty Shouldn’t Be a Child Protection Issue

Gary Direnfeld

It was 1985. I had recently graduated with my Masters in Social Work. I was working for the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in downtown Toronto. The case involved a young boy. If I recall correctly, maybe about twelve-years-of-age. The issue was school truancy.

Neurodivergent social workers ‘exhausted’ from lack of understanding at work

Community Care

A lack of awareness and support systems in the social work sector has cultivated a climate of apprehension and exhaustion for social workers with neurodiverse conditions such as autism , ADHD and dyslexia.

World Indigenous Peoples Day message

International Federation of Social Workers

Photo by the UN The IFSW Message on World Indigenous Peoples Day Today on World Indigenous Peoples Day, IFSW acknowledges the indigenous social workers that have for decades worked patiently to steer the profession towards understanding, respecting and celebrating diverse cultures.

Roundtable: Asian Perspective for Social Work Education

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

Roundtable: Asian Perspective for Social Work Education. . Date: 9 September 2022 (Friday). Time : 3:00-6:00 pm (HKT, GMT+8). Organizer: China and Global Development Network, Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Location: Online via Zoom.

A Social Worker’s Guide to Decolonizing the Field of Social Work


Autumn Asher BlackDeer.

How Alcohol Affects Your Liver

Gateway Foundation

Alcohol has significant short-term and long-term effects on the body’s organs, including the liver. The liver serves critical purposes, and one of its main roles is to help break down substances and eliminate toxins from the body.

Hey, Tough Guy.

Gary Direnfeld

Toxic masculinity doesn’t begin in adulthood. It begins in infancy with the expectation that boys must tough it out, suck it up, not cry and never need soothing. Indeed, that toxic masculinity for some is beat into them verbally, some physically.

Cost of living crisis ‘severely’ hitting people accessing children’s and adults’ services, social workers warn

Community Care

The cost of living crisis is ‘severely’ affecting people accessing children’s and adults’ services, fuelling a host of issues including poverty, debt, mental ill-health and domestic conflict, social workers have warned.

Sometimes, You Just Need to Cry

My Brains Not Broken

Here on My Brain’s Not Broken I have a tendency to write blog posts that serve as reminders. Sometimes they’re reminders that would be beneficial for whoever’s reading the post.

Global Dimensions in Social Work Education

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

Global Dimensions in Social Work Education – Call for Proposal for SW Education Conference. Call for Proposals closes October 1, 2022.

California Invests in the Future of Young People

Beyond Advocacy

As economic inequality grows unabated in the United States, policymakers are reaching for solutions to ensure the future of children born into low-income households. This is a quest that Brown School professor Michael Sherraden has been at for decades with notable success in the US and abroad.

The Book is Coming This Fall!

Karen Zgoda

Read all about it! Here is the press release from my amazing employer, Villa Maria College : Book Cover. Karen Zgoda, LMSW, Director of the Care Center, has authored a new book.


Before Sending Your Kid to Counseling….

Gary Direnfeld

While I am pleased so many parents value counseling and want it for their kids, do know that it is not always helpful and indeed, can be harmful. Many kids interpret counseling as them having done something bad for which they must now talk to someone. That creates a scary endeavor.

Welsh Government consulting on eliminating profit-making provision for children in care

Community Care

The Welsh Government has opened a consultation on plans to eliminate profit-making residential and fostering provision for children in care.

Delivering the promise of integrated health and care

Social Work With Adults

"The challenge of integrating health and social care cannot be fixed simply by addressing one part of the jigsaw." Image created by ]. Digital determination.

The IASSW Task Force on the Global Standards (2020)

The International Association Of Schools Of Social

The IASSW Task Force on the Global Standards (2020). The International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), in collaboration with the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), has launched its latest iteration of the Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training.

On Ukranie National Day: Honouring The Women Behind the Frontlines

International Federation of Social Workers

Note from the IFSW news editor: The following article and call for support has been written by Ana Radulescu, the IFSW European President and global Vice President. Ana has been the key facilitator of the Social Work Response in Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

How I Plan and Determine Class Lessons for the Year

Kylie the Creative Social Worker

It took me a long time to plan and determine class lessons for the year. And, they will probably change again! I always try to keep some of the topics the same, but for others,… Uncategorized class lessons SEL social skills

Assessing Alcohol Issues: Context Matters

Gary Direnfeld

She only had one drink a day. It happened to be when the kids were arriving home from school. There were three kids, all girls. The eldest, nine, came in first. She was excited about the grade and comments on a project and wanted to show her mom.

DoLS caseloads hit record levels

Community Care

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards caseloads hit record levels in 2021-22 , official figures show. Councils in England received 270,650 applications to deprive a person of liberty from care homes and hospitals, up 5.5% on the 2020-21.