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Ultimate Social Work Intervention Strategies

Social Work Haven

Knowledge of social work intervention strategies is central to the social work role. Social workers use different intervention strategies to support individuals, families, and communities in times of crisis, using multiple interventions and strategies. Crisis Intervention.

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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Transitions to 988

Social Work Blog

As America faces a mental health crisis, the need for suicide prevention services is more imperative than ever. The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has further exacerbated the need to improve access to crisis intervention services.


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Social care reform: making mental health a priority

Social Care

They offer a range of essential services, from prevention and crisis intervention, to community support, all for people who experience poor mental health and/or severe mental illness.

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Macro Social Work Theories & Their Implications for Social Work Practice

Social Work Haven

What are some macro interventions? These theories provide a comprehensive framework for social work practice, as they complement each other in understanding the causes of social issues and developing interventions to address them. What are some macro interventions?

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Review: 101 Careers in Social Work - Third Edition (2019)

Michigan Girl's Café

101 Careers in Social Work - Third Edition (2019) by Jessica Ritter, Ann Obermann and Kirstin Lindsay Danhoff, is an expanded career guidebook that addresses the breath of the social work profession and the different career options available with a social work degree.

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News Items – April 8, 2022

Social Workers Speak

But it also illustrates the challenges for transit agencies like New York’s as they seek to address a seemingly intractable crisis that sits well outside the bounds of their missions. Mental Crisis Calls To Be Handled By New Social Worker Position. Winter Haven residents will soon have a new option of mental crisis support through the police department by the agency hiring a licensed clinical social worker to help with mental health calls.